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Rocco the Raccoon

Style Number: 36727
Colour: Grey
Swing Tag Generation: 4
Tush Tag Generation: 6
Birthday: 27 February
Release Date: 02/01/2014
Size: 6"
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Rocco is made from a fuzzy grey material with a bright pink belly. She has large, sparkly pink and black eyes and a black button nose with black stitching for her mouth. Her hands, feet, ears and “mask” on her face are made from black material and she has glittery pink fabric for the inside of her ears.


I like the night more than the day
So we’ll have fun in wacky ways!

Collectors note

Rocco was introduced on 2nd January 2014.

This is the 6″ version of Rocco.

Rocco was also released as a larger 9″ Beanie Boo Buddy.

2 reviews of Rocco the Raccoon

  1. roccotv


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  2. beanieboogrl4ever

    I don’t yet have Roco but i love the detail on her and it’s a SHE not a HE >.<

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