Color Me Beanie Birthday Kit – Cat

Theme: Beanie Babies
Subtheme: BBOC
Style Number: 04902
Colour: White
Swing Tag Generation: 11
Tush Tag Generation: 13
Birthday: None
Release Date: 02/09/2003
Release Year: 2003
Retirement Date: 16/07/2004
Animal: Cat
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The Color Me Beanie cat is made from a white material with bright blue and black button eyes and a peach coloured nose with a peach coloured thread mouth and whiskers. She wears a collar around her neck.



Collectors note

The Color Me Beanie cat was released on 2nd September 2003.

She was sold inside a plastic case containing six coloured marker pens (red, pink, orange, yellow, blue and green), a party horn, a paper hat to colour and a BBOC application form.

There were three other Color Me Beanie Birthday Kits available containing either a bear, dog or unicorn Beanie Baby.

The Color Me Beanie cat retired on 16th July 2004.