Cupid the Dog – Heart on Left Eye

Theme: Beanie Babies
Subtheme: Valentine's Day
Style Number: 04502
Colour: White
Swing Tag Generation: 7, 9, 10
Tush Tag Generation: 10, 11
Birthday: 14 February 2001
Release Date: 30/11/2001
Release Year: 2001
Retirement Date: 18/03/2002
Animal: Dog
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Cupid is made from a fuzzy white material with a light pink material for the inside of his ears, his muzzle and paws. He has gold and black button eyes and a black nose with a red heart over his left eye. He wears a bright red collar around his neck with “X O X O X O” in white writing on it. This represents “hugs and kisses”.


This puppy has a special look
You’ll never find him in a book
He’ll lick your face, it’s very sweet
His kisses are a Valentine treat!

Collectors note

Cupid was released on 30th November 2001.

His birthday is on 14th February 2001.

He is a Valentine’s themed Beanie Baby.

There is also a version of Cupid with the red heart over the right eye.

He retired on 18th March 2002.