Echo the Dolphin

Theme: Beanie Babies
Style Number: 04180
Colour: Grey
Swing Tag Generation: 4, 5
Tush Tag Generation: 3, 4, 5, 6
Birthday: 21 December 1996
Release Date: 11/05/1997
Release Year: 1997
Retirement Date: 01/05/1998
Animal: Dolphin
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Echo is made from a grey-blue material with a white belly and chin. He has black button eyes and two flippers, a dorsal fin and tail.


Echo the dolphin lives in the sea
Playing with her friends, like you and me
Through the waves she echoes the sound
“I’m so glad to have you around!”

Collectors note

Echo was released on 11th May 1997.

His birthday is on 21st December 1996.

Echo has been spotted with a Lizzie tush tag and a Waves swing and tush tag.

He retired on 1st May 1998.

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1 review of Echo the Dolphin

  1. chorus-kids

    – Chorus reviews Beanie Babies –
    #1 – Echo the Dolphin

    When I think of such a name the Genesis (or Mega Drive outside of the US) game of the same name comes to mind. Is Echo just a common dolphin name given by us humans? One of a dolphin’s abilities is it’s echo-location, which is where the name comes from.

    Back on topic, Echo is generally well-made. They don’t feel like they’ll fall apart easily. They’re also very soft (more of a fuzzy soft, but still soft!), and I’m a big fan of the blueish-grey Ty gave Echo. Combine it with a nice white color and you get a good colo(u)r scheme.

    The back fin and the side fins are somewhat flat with no stuffing or beans, but the tail fins get some beans, and the snout/nose is stuffed and so is the top half of the body. The seams are also designed well! The way they’re positioned makes it looks like Echo has a blowhole. Nice touch.

    Overall, Echo is a nice beanie baby to own. If you can, I’d recommend getting them.

    Rank: S

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