Fetch the Golden Retriever

Theme: Beanie Babies
Style Number: 4189
Colour: Brown
Swing Tag Generation: 5
Tush Tag Generation: 6
Birthday: 04 February 1997
Release Date: 30/05/1998
Release Year: 1998
Retirement Date: 31/12/1998
Animal: Dog
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Fetch is a tan coloured golden retriever with black button eyes and a black nose with black stitching for his mouth.


Fetch is alert at the crack of dawn
Walking through dew drops on the lawn
Always golden, loyal and true
This little puppy is the one for you!

Collectors note

Fetch was released on 30th May 1998.

His Birthday is on 4th February 1997.

He was retired on 31st December 1998.

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3 reviews of Fetch the Golden Retriever

  1. Pepper Mush

    Cute and floppy. A bit hard to display

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  2. Hayden Connor

    Adorable. Comes in buddy size as well. Had the buddy sized one for 20+ years. Unfortunately lost. His name was biscuit. i collect Fetchs specifically in his honor

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    OverallNot Rated
  3. Lunar 3cl1sp3

    Fetch is really cute i always have to squish her and i love sleeping with her.I call her Valerie and i recently got dotty so i basically saying that the first beanie babys are better then the beanie baby’s 2.0!

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