Runner the Mustelidae – Nice Poem

Theme: Beanie Babies
Style Number: 04304
Colour: Brown
Swing Tag Generation: 6, 7
Tush Tag Generation: 9
Birthday: 25 May 2000
Release Date: 24/06/2000
Release Year: 2000
Retirement Date: 11/04/2001
Animal: Mongoose
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Runner is made from a fuzzy brown material with black button eyes, black button nose and black thread whiskers. He has a fuzzy off-white belly, paws and the inside of his ears.


A ferret, mongoose, weasel or mink
What am I…what do you think?
Find a book, look and see
I’m whatever you want me to be!

Collectors note

Runner the Mustelidae was introduced on 24th June 2000.

Originally, Runner had a mean poem in his swing tag, which was later changed to a more “family-friendly” poem. Because of what was written in the mean poem, he is thought to be a mongoose of the family Mustelidae. although he is commonly mistaken for a ferret.

Runner was retired on 11th April 2001.

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1 review of Runner the Mustelidae – Nice Poem

  1. Dawn Proctor

    I must admit I didn’t know what this animal was, I thought it was a weasel, otter, or ferret, turned out none of the above, very cute with a shiny coat

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