September the Birthday Bear

Theme: Beanie Babies
Subtheme: Birthday
Style Number: 4372
Colour: Blue, Rainbow
Swing Tag Generation: Birthday Bear
Tush Tag Generation: 10
Birthday: None
Release Date: 03/07/2001
Release Year: 2001
Retirement Date: 31/12/2001
Animal: Bear
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September is a blue bear with black button eyes and a blue nose. His body, arms and legs are multi-coloured and the soles of his feet are blue. He wears a blue ruff around his neck.



My nose is the color of my birthstone.
It brings good luck and lots of $$!



Collectors note

September was released on 3rd July 2001.

He was retired on 31st December 2001.

He is part of the first series of Birthday Bears.

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1 review of September the Birthday Bear

  1. Nana Dee

    September is delightfully rotund. His body is pretty different from the standard Bear beanie build — shorter extremities, wider-set legs (these traits combined make it look as he is resting his hands on his knees when sitting upright), fuller and rounder feet, and the appearance of a fuller tummy.
    And, of course, his face is quite different as well. Looking a bit more like a real bear, September’s eyes are farther apart, his snout is longer and more pronounced and his ears are smaller and more defined. Additionally, the shape of his head is more sloped, giving him the appearance of a much more “slouched” posture. September notably also has a little tail!
    The closest comparison (that I know of) for this physical design is Shasta, but September and his cohorts in the Birthday Series are still very unique in this regard. To be honest, I was at first a little bothered that this September did not match the other bears of my collection as they are all displayed together, but I got over this quickly.

    Moving on to the design elements, September boasts gorgeous colors, charming embroidery, an adorable silky ruffle and sapphire-esque sparkly nose.
    Both the blue of September’s head and the multicolor of his body have a sheen to them — not shiny, but a lovely sheen. September’s colors are deep and on the darker side, his head an appropriate sapphire blue and his body a mix of magenta, purple, blue/green, and chartreuse.
    Over his heart, September has an embroidered birthday cake. The cake features a yellow main portion (the cake proper) behind letters of alternating colors (magenta, green, blue, orange) reading, naturally, “September”. Atop the cake are seven lit candles, sharing the same colors as the letters, minus magenta. The candle’s flames are the same color as the cake (yellow), and I really appreciate how the yellow thread of the embroidery is shiny –the yellow is nearly a gold– while the other thread used for the lettering and the candles has a nice matte look. It makes the details really stand out.
    On to the neck ruffle. Oh, how I love the neck ruffle! It doesn’t have as strong a connection to birthdays as the party hats adorned by the second series of Birthday Bears. A ruffle is a bit more “clown” than “birthday”, but a ruff does has a fun, festive and playful aesthetic. Yet at the same time, a neck ruffle has a delicate and fanciful look. I just love it. Did I say that already? I think it was an amazing choice for this series, and it looks great with the way this bear is colored–it makes the transition between the colors of the head and body much less abrupt, as the ruff covers the seam where the two meet, and it elevates the color choices to look posher than they might have otherwise. And the construction of the ruff is lovely. The ruffle is one thin, silky, donut-shaped piece of dark sapphire-blue fabric. It has a line of thin gold embroidered piping on both the inside and outside hems. It’s sewn to the back of the neck, and otherwise loose. But not literally loose, as the inside helm is lined with an elastic band, keeping it snug around September’s throat. The fabric is ruched along the elastic, in the tiniest ruches you ever did see, and it give the ruffle its “ruffled” look!
    Lastly, September has his sapphire nose. It might surprise that I do not have terribly much to say about it, but it does pull September’s entire look together beautifully. It’s the same oval shape as most Beanie bears, longer than it is tall, and appears to be made with a clear blue plastic. It has a sparkly effect that looks to be pasted on the backside of the nose, facing out so you can see when you look inside. It’s most brilliant in natural lighting. The nose is also quite reflective.

    Overall, September is a five star bear, and if I haven’t convinced you of that yet, you might have to just get him and see for yourself. If not September, you could find yourself the Birthday Bear of your personal birthday month. Between the two Birthday series, I find the first series from which this September hails, is the superior of the two. The second series of Birthday Bears are very cute, but these bears are just gorgeous!
    To be honest, while September is my bear, there are others of this series I think may be more beautiful because of the differing color schemes inspired by the different birthstones. For example, sparkly pink Tourmaline October, stark white diamond April, cream white pearl June, and cool lavender Amethyst February. I’m considering these bears for my collection as well, that’s how lovely they are!

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