The End the Bear

Theme: Beanie Babies
Style Number: 4265
Colour: Black
Swing Tag Generation: 5
Tush Tag Generation: 8
Birthday: None
Release Date: 31/08/1999
Release Year: 1999
Retirement Date: 23/12/1999
Animal: Bear
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The End is a black bear with black button eyes and a larger black nose. He wears a gold bow tie and has the words “The End” embroidered on his chest in gold thread with a colourful firework.


All good things come to an end
It’s been fun for everyone
Peace and hope are never gone
Love you all and say, “So long!”

Collectors note

The End was released on 31st August 1999.

He was retired on 23rd December 1999.

Ty announced that the Beanie Babies range would be retired in 1999 and released The End to mark the end of the product line. However, after worldwide protests, Ty decided to keep the Beanie Babies line running. Subsequently, Ty released another bear called The Beginning for the New Year after Ty was going to finish the Beanie Babies line. The two bears are often seen as a pair.

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1 review of The End the Bear

  1. hobsyllwin

    I’ve nicknamed this one “Existential Bear” as it is the only beanie that is this indirectly haunting due to how it reminds you that everything will end eventually. Has an uncanny resemblance to Nightmare from FNaF 4, fitting considering how both are frightening in some way. Would be a 5/5 but because it generally gives me the heebie jeebies it’s a 4/5, definitely a must own for collectors who want more peculiar items from Ty.

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