Bumper the Hedgehog (Key Clip)

Theme: Beanie Bellies
Style Number: 43114
Colour: Brown
Swing Tag Generation: 1
Tush Tag Generation: C1
Birthday: 29 July
Release Date: 01/01/2023
Release Year: 2023
Retirement Date: -
Animal: Hedgehog
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Bumper is a beige coloured hedgehog with pale, orange-brown, furry “spikes” on his back. He has glittery, green button eyes and a black nose. He has brown claws on his hands and feet. He hangs from a key clip.


I can roll up into a tight little ball.
The last time I did it I can’t quite recall.
If I’m in your hand or down on the floor.
When I sense danger, I’ll do it once more.

Collectors note

Bumper (key clip version) was released in January 2023.

His Birthday is on 29th July.

He is based on the regular Beanie Bellies hedgehog, Bumper.