Pixy the Unicorn (Large)

Theme: Beanie Boos
Style Number: 36859
Colour: White, Rainbow
Swing Tag Generation: 4
Tush Tag Generation: C1
Birthday: 26 May
Release Date: 01/06/2017
Release Year: 2017
Retirement Date: -
Animal: Unicorn
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Pixy is a white unicorn with a sparkly, rainbow coloured horn on top of her head. She has large, glittery rainbow coloured eyes and sparkly, rainbow coloured hooves. Her fluffy mane is also multicoloured.


At carnivals I ride the ferris wheel
Then play some games and eat a meal!

Collectors note

Pixy was released in June 2017.

Her Birthday is on 26th May.

There are four size options for Pixy. This large 16″ version, a small 6″ Beanie Boo with a rainbow horn, another small 6″ Beanie Boo with a gold horn, a medium 9″ Beanie Boo Buddy and a key clip.