Waddles the Penguin – 2nd Version (Extra Large)

Theme: Beanie Boos
Style Number: 99994
Colour: Black
Swing Tag Generation: -
Tush Tag Generation: -
Birthday: 11 May
Release Date: -
Retirement Date: -
Size: 32"
Animal: Penguin
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Waddles is made from a fuzzy black material with a white face and belly. He has large blue and black button eyes and a bright orange beak. His feet are made from blue material.


When I swim, I go really fast
But when I run, I’m usually last!

Collectors note

This is the extra large 32″ version of Waddles with button eyes. He was also released as a small 6″ Beanie Boo (1st and 2nd version), a medium 9″ Beanie Boo Buddy, in a large 16″ size, in another extra large 32″ size with embroidered eyes and as a key clip.

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2 reviews of Waddles the Penguin – 2nd Version (Extra Large)

  1. midnighttheweavile

    I have a copy of Waddles. (2) The first one we got I decided to call him Snowball. The second one which had a wider face and was a tad shorter than Snowball, is Waddles. Waddles’ under wings and talons sparkle in a calming blue. His feathers are more shiny and pretty. Snowball’s under wings and talons don’t sparkle and his feathers aren’t that shiny. I pretend that Waddles and Snowball are the same penguin. Despite that Waddles is a tad shorter than Snowball, he is younger. Snowball is 4 years old and Waddles is 2 years old. They’re daddy is a penguin named Admiral. He’s an Emperor penguin. My sister is making a story based on beanie boos big and small called “Fluff’s Great Adventure!”

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  2. thor god of thuder

    i have this one it is my fav

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    OverallNot Rated

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