Pocket the Penguin (Purple Eyes)

Theme: McDonalds Teeny Tys
Subtheme: Happy Meal
Style Number: 7
Colour: Black
Swing Tag Generation: McDonalds Teeny Ty
Tush Tag Generation: McDonalds Teeny Ty
Birthday: 19 August
Release Date: 26/03/2019
Release Year: 2019
Retirement Date: -
Animal: Penguin


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Pocket is a tiny black penguin covered mainly yellow patches. He has purple glittery button eyes and an orange beak on a white face. His tiny feet are bright orange.


When I swim,
I go really fast
But when I run,
I’m usually last!

Collectors note

Pocket was released on 26th March 2019.

His Birthday is on 19th August.

Pocket is part of the McDonalds Teeny Tys range that was released for the 40th Anniversary of the Happy Meal.

There were twelve different McDonalds Teeny Tys released that were available free with each Happy Meal purchase, with each Teeny Ty having three different colour variations, making a total of 36 to collect. The Teeny Tys were also available for purchase without having to buy a Happy Meal.

The three variations of Pocket are this black version with purple eyes, a bubble pattern version with green eyes and dark blue version with blue eyes.

The McDonalds Teeny Ty version of Pocket is not to be confused with the regular Teeny Ty of the same name.

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