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The Gorgeous Exclusive Custom Beanie Babies By Chelsea Stern!

Thursday, May 30th, 2024

Hi everyone! I just had to share these amazing exclusive custom Beanie Babies with you all by the incredibly talented Chelsea Stern!

She has kindly given me permission to post these pictures, and I’m sure you will love them as much as I do!

Custom Beanie Baby Bear by Chelsea Stern

Photo Credit: Chelsea Stern

Above is just one of the amazingly detailed custom designs she has done! I just can’t get over how beautiful and vibrant they are!

About Chelsea Stern’s Custom Beanie Babies

Each design is hand drawn and completely unique, meaning no two will ever be the same! Not only that, but the well-known and respected Beanie authenticator, True Blue Beans will authenticate her designs.

The “original four” Beanie designs she has created can be seen below.


Picasso Bear by Chelsea Stern

Photo Credit: Chelsea Stern

Named after the artist, Pablo Picasso, the Beanie Baby “Picasso” is full of colour and energy! He is one magnificent bear!


Starry Bear by Chelsea Stern

Photo Credit: Chelsea Stern

Starry is based on the painting, “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. He is so beautifully drawn and his blue and yellow colouring really pops!


Scream Bear by Chelsea Stern

Photo Credit: Chelsea Stern

Scream is based on the Edvard Munch painting of the same name! I love the striking orange and red sky against the blue and turquoise of the water. Isn’t he gorgeous?!


Enchanted Bear by Chelsea Stern

Photo Credit: Chelsea Stern

Enchanted takes inspiration from The Beauty and the Beast. I love the beautiful enchanted red rose inside the glass and the dazzling star details on the bear!

Aren’t they all fabulous?!

I absolutely love them all! Picasso’s vivid colours are so eye-catching and Starry is based on one of my favourite paintings. But they are all truly beautiful!

“Secret releases”

Chelsea has also made some “secret releases” that were not available to the general public!

They are absolutely gorgeous and you can view them on her Facebook group!

How to order a custom Beanie Baby from Chelsea Stern

Chelsea ships worldwide and sells her custom creations via her private Facebook group, Exclusive Custom Beanie Babies By Chelsea Stern!

She also sells via her new website,!

Aren’t Chelsea’s custom Beanie Babies absolutely stunning?! Who is your favourite? Leave a comment below!


I won a limited edition Fraya Beanie Baby!

Monday, May 20th, 2024

Hi everyone! I’m so excited! I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I won a limited edition, numbered Fraya Beanie Baby!

I entered a competition on Instagram held by Ty UK, and couldn’t believe that I (along with a few others) won!

Fraya the flamingo is one of the latest Beanie Baby releases, along with Emmett the dinosaur and Domino the panda.

She is the most beautiful, bright pink colour with turquoise coloured, long legs and a bright yellow beak. The underside of her wings is a pistachio green. She really is quite a colourful Beanie Baby!

My limited edition Fraya Beanie Baby

Here she is! My gorgeous, sealed Fraya the flamingo! Numbered 23/30!

Limited Edition Numbered Fraya Flamingo Ty Beanie Baby

I love the little picture on the front with all three Beanie Babies from this set sat around an erupting volcano, with Fraya dipping her feet in the river.

She also has an additional 30th Anniversary hang tag. From what I gather, it is also numbered, but I haven’t opened, and will not be opening the packaging to see it properly.

You can just about see it from the picture below, just poking out from behind the “Ty” hang tag.

Limited Edition Numbered Fraya Flamingo Ty Beanie Baby

It just goes to show that it is actually worth entering the Ty Instagram competitions!

Will I be selling her?

Unfortunately no. I’m so happy to have won her and can’t see myself ever selling her. She will have a special place in my collection.

Is Fraya my first competition win?

Also, no. I have actually entered these competitions before and won a limited edition numbered Silver II Beanie Baby!

Limited Edition Numbered Silver II Ty Beanie Baby

She is numbered 22/20 and was also another Ty UK competition win!

Again, I will not be selling her as she is my absolute favourite Beanie Baby competition win!

She also has the sweetest face! How could I possibly sell her?!

Limited Edition Numbered Silver II Ty Beanie Baby

I’m so happy to have won these two, and I cannot thank Ty UK enough for holding these competitions and allowing us the chance to own one of these adorable, limited edition Beanie Babies!

Do you have any of the limited edition Beanie Babies? Which one did you get? Leave a comment below!

Where do you sell Beanie Babies?

Thursday, May 16th, 2024

Where Can I Sell My Beanie Babies?

You’re probably here because you’ve been decluttering and come across boxes and boxes of your old Beanie Babies. Or maybe you’ve inherited a whole bunch and wondering what to do with them now.

Hopefully this article can help a little with that.

Do I buy Beanie Babies?

I get asked a lot whether I buy Beanie Babies, either individually or as bundles. Unfortunately, I neither have the space or resources to buy Beanie Babies in bundles. I also tend to buy on an ad hoc basis so sadly, I am currently unable to buy individual Beanie Babies from you. I would suggest using one of the selling methods below as they really would be the best ways to try and sell your Beanie Babies.

Where DO you sell Beanie Babies?

This question comes up very frequently, so I thought maybe this article could be of help to people looking to sell their Beanie Baby collections, however they’ve managed to acquire them.

There are various platforms to sell them and I will go through them all below.

The links below are affiliate links. If you purchase something by clicking through one of the links below, we may receive a small commission. This doesn’t cost you anything additional and helps to fund this site.


Probably one of the most popular choices to try and sell your Beanie Babies would be to sell them on eBay.

The process is relatively easy to list them and as long as you send them with adequate tracking information, you will have protection if you use PayPal.

One of the best ways to sell larger collections on eBay would be to separate the Beanie Babies into bundles by category. For example, smaller bundles of bears, sea creatures or jungle animals might be your best bet.



I have to stress that you MUST use a tracked form of shipping when using eBay as if something goes wrong, PayPal tend to side with the buyer if you cannot provide tracking information.

One of the downsides with selling on eBay is there are selling fees. However, the extra protection from PayPal, providing you use tracked postage, may make it worth it.

Facebook Groups

Another place to look into would be selling them through the various Facebook “buy and sell” groups, especially those specifically centred around selling Beanie Babies.

Please be aware though that the majority of Beanie Babies are common, are hard to sell and will only sell for a few dollars, so it may be best to sell in bundles.

Ensure you thoroughly research the value of your Beanie Babies before selling as if you attempt to sell too high (like the ridiculously high, fake inflated values in some clickbait articles you tend to come across on the internet), the group members will point this out to you. Some people will be less friendly than others in telling you (sadly truthfully) that the Beanie Baby you are trying to sell is not worth that much.

A great way to find out how to determine the value a Beanie Baby before posting them up would be to read my guide on using eBay as a basis for the current “sold” values. You can find it here.

Some Facebook groups are friendlier than others, so join a few and scope out the vibe of the group first.

Selling Beanie Babies

Facebook Marketplace

You can also sell on Facebook Marketplace. This is usually best for selling to those in your area, although you can also choose to deliver if you wish.

If selling on Facebook Marketplace, make sure to insist on PayPal if shipping (using Goods and Services protects both parties). If selling locally, you could sell via collection only with cash on collection. That way, the buyer knows they will get their Beanies and you know you will get your money.

Remember to price your Beanies accordingly before selling and bundles may sell better than individual Beanie Babies.

Be prepared though that sometimes your Beanie Babies may sit unsold for a long period if they aren’t particularly sought after.

Yard Sales

Having a clear out? What better way to sell your Beanie Babies than at a yard sale?!

That way your Beanie Babies are in plain sight of people already looking to pick up a bargain and there will be no shipping fees!

Selling Beanie Babies

Car Boot Sale/Flea Market

For the same reasons as a yard sale, your Beanie Babies will be visually available to those looking for an impulse buy.

The only downside is that there may be ground fees for your pitch.


Primarily a website for selling handmade items, Etsy also allows you to sell vintage items, which includes Beanie Babies!

However, there are listing and selling fees involved, so check the value of your Beanie Babies before listing as it may not be worth it.

I hope this article is useful for you. If there are any other selling platforms you have used and would recommend, leave a comment below!


The latest Beanie Baby additions in my collection!

Tuesday, May 14th, 2024
The links below are affiliate links. If you purchase something by clicking through one of the links below, we may receive a small commission. This doesn’t cost you anything additional and helps to fund this site.

Hi everyone!

Apologies for not being as active lately! We’ve been travelling across Europe and I’ve not had much time to post.

I have had a couple of bundles of Beanies sent to my parents’ house for when I get back to the UK! My Dad has kindly taken pictures of them for me and they all look super adorable! I’m so looking forward to seeing them when I return home!

The first bundle that arrived was the brand new Beanie Babies set for the UK!

Emmett, Domino and Fraya Original Beanie Babies

Emmett, Domino and Fraya Ty Original Beanie Babies 2024

I’m absolutely loving this new set of Beanie Babies! They all have amazing colours and Ty have done a great job in creating a modern look while keeping the charm of the original Beanie Babies of the 90’s.

The designs are definitely based on older Beanie Babies. Emmett look’s like an updated Rex, Fraya is undoubtedly a modern take on Pinky and Domino is almost identical to Fortune.

I bought Emmett, Fraya and Domino in a Beanie Bundle from The Magical Gift Boutique.


Emmett’s colours remind me of a volcano with his knobbly, rock-like grey body and bright orange, lava-like tummy. He is so sweet and I would love to see more dinosaur Beanie Babies!

His Birthday on 28th July and his hang tag reads:

If you’re scared and feel alone,
Never think you’re on your own.
Pick me up and hold on tight.
I will comfort you at night.

Emmett the Dinosaur Ty Beanie Babies Hang Tag 2024
I absolutely love Emmett, and I’m holding out hope that Ty will release updated versions of his friends, Steg and Bronty(hint hint Ty!).

Emmett is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Fraya’s bright pink body looks so crazy with her turquoise legs, and that’s what I love the most about her.

The underside of her wings are also a kind of “pistachio” green colour, which only adds to her wild colour combination.

Her Birthday is on 30th June and her poem reads:

Come over here and sit awhile,
My bright colors will make you smile.
When you’re with me you’ll be glad,
I’ll make sure you’re never sad.

Fraya the Flamingo Ty Beanie Baby Hang Tag 2024

Fraya’s colours are so vibrant and I think she makes a brilliant addition to the new Beanie Babies range.

Fraya is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Domino has a beautiful colour combination of a rich, royal blue, together with bright white. Along with her lime green ribbon, her colours really are amazing.

Her Birthday is on 10th April and her poem reads:

If you’re sad, just hold me tight.
Everything will be all right.
Maybe you just never knew,
I am here to comfort you.

Domino the Panda Ty Beanie Babies Hang Tag 2024All of this latest set of Beanie Babies make fantastic additions to the new range, and I can’t wait to see who is next!

Domino is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

The second parcel that I received contained two Beanie Bellies that I just couldn’t resist!

Again, they came from The Magical Gift Boutique

Tippi and Witt

Tippi Giraffe and Witt Fox Ty Beanie Bellies 2024

How adorable are this pair?! Seeing them just makes me smile!


Tippi just looks like she needs a cuddle with her “arms” held out and little happy face! I love her yellow and caramel-brown giraffe print pattern.

Her Birthday is on 26th May and her poem reads:

Tasty green leaves way up high
Glisten in the morning sky.
Each for me because I’m tall
I can easily get them all!

Tippi Giraffe Ty Beanie Bellies Hang Tag 2024
She has the cutest little green eyes, and adorable, cream coloured hooves. There is even a tiny bit of pink airbrushing detail inside her ears.

Tippi is available to order on The Magical Gift Boutique!


Witt is just the cutest little fox with gorgeous blue eyes, black ears and adorable paw pads.

Her Birthday is on 28th April and her poem reads:

I don’t prefer the morning light
I like to sneak around at night.
In the back by your kitchen door
Is my favorite place to explore.

Witt Fox Ty Beanie Bellies Hang Tag 2024
Isn’t she just the cutest?! I love the tiny bit of black airbrushing next to her eyes that really make their glittery blue colour pop out!

Witt is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Tippi and Witt are also currently available on a great deal in a Wildlife Beanie Bellies Bundle from The Magical Gift Boutique, so if you’re also looking for Wuzzy, it could work out cheaper to buy them as a bundle.

Do you have any of these Beanies? Do you prefer the new Beanie Babies range or the Beanie Bellies range? Leave a comment below!