Have a very Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1st, 2021

Hi guys!

I’d just like to wish you all a lovely Easter!

Recently, I managed to get hold of Fuzzy and Feathers, the two Easter Beanie Boos for 2021! I must say I’ve changed my mind a little!

On a previous post, I said that Fuzzy was very similar to Slippers, last year’s Easter bunny and I wasn’t sure about her. She is very similar, BUT I really really like her! I love her colour and I think she’s just adorable!

Feathers is also the perfect match for Lemon Drop, last year’s Easter chick and is sooo fluffy and cute!

Both Fuzzy and Feather’s also make a great match, don’t you think?

fuzzy and feathers beanie boos

The picture doesn’t do them justice as they look far better in real life.

I also picked up a bargain last weekend as Poundland (in the UK) had all of the smaller size Squish a Boos in stock for £5 each! So I picked up Bloomy and Popper!

bloomy and popper squish a boos

These two are the new Easter Squish a Boos for this year, so I had to grab them while they were so cheep (oh dear…bad joke alert).

Here they are pictured next to Dotty, my larger sized Squish a Boo.

squish a boos

Aren’t they cute?! They are sooo squishy, and make great Easter decorations!

What do you think of Fuzzy, Feathers, Bloomy and Popper? Leave a comment below!

Hope you all have a very Happy Easter and stay safe!

4 Responses to “Have a very Happy Easter!”

  1. unaestheticx says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAA THEY ARE SO CUTE! I have Feathers and he is so fluffy and cute! I really hope I can get Popper!

  2. catlover😻 says:

    I own fluffy and feathers. They are so cute. I definitely want slippers the bunny now. 😍

  3. lsgrand123 says:

    I’ve been needing to add those to my collection! From what I’ve seen everyone seems to like them.

  4. Belgiancollector says:

    I bought the 4 on your last picture 🙂 although I ‘m a bit dissapointed with the squis-a-boos. But it’s nice to just have a few of each ty-category but to be fair, I only really want to collect the beanie boos. Even prefer Feathers over Lemon Drop which I thought not possible :).

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