Holly is now available!

Friday, November 20th, 2020

Hi everyone!

I have some exciting news for you all! One of our members got in contact to let me know that the brand new dragon Beanie Boo, Holly, is now available on the Claire’s website!

The bad news is…I just had to order one! So, I’m really excited that she’s on the way to me soon, but I promised myself no more Beanie Boos this month (oops!). However, I’ll do an unboxing shortly (along with a few others I still have to do…)

She looks slightly more purple-y in this picture than I originally thought she would be. From the original image that Claire’s released she had more of an icy-blue hue to her, so I guess I’ll find out when she arrives and let you know.

I have updated her page now that I have more information on her, so go and check her out!

Just to warn you if you are thinking of getting Holly, the Claire’s website were suggesting that they had low stock levels.

Do you have Holly in your collection yet? What are your thoughts on her? Leave a comment below!


6 Responses to “Holly is now available!”

  1. zoemickey says:

    Oooh! I can’t wait to get Holly!

  2. tacozbananaz says:

    I do not have holly (I have not but 1 beanie boo)

  3. vivi says:

    I don’t like beanie boo dragons but I love this one

  4. vivi says:

    Hi sorry my chat doesn’t work I love beanie boos I love sofie the beanie boo I also have some beanie babies to and tiny tys and puffies I also have a big book of Leona a mini Leona from Vivienne or Vivi

  5. Beanie Boo Wolf (YT) says:

    She’s so pretty 😀

  6. Mythical Clara says:

    I want her for my collection, but unfortunately I’m from Brazil and they don’t ship here.

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