Tuesday News Roundup!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

Hi guys!

It’s time for a news roundup of what’s been going on in the world of Beanies.

There are a few upcoming Beanie Boos that I forgot to mention that should be out later this year. The first of these is a cute little dog called Muddles. Even his name is adorable!

He is covered in cute little spots, which may or may not be muddy patches from (and I quote from his poem) “playing in muddy puddles”!

Muddles will be available in a small, medium and key clip size.

Next, is a cat named Cassidy!

Cassidy is a gorgeous purple and pink, mottled cat with glittery pink eyes. I absolutely adore her colour!

Cassidy will be available in a small, medium and key clip size.

Now, the next new addition is one of my favourite Beanie Boos of the year! Nina!

Nina is a cute little ballerina mouse! I absolutely adore her sparkly, pink tutu and glittery ballerina shoes!

She will also be available in a small, medium and key clip size.

And finally, the next upcoming new faces are almost the same as previous Beanie Boos that have already been released, which I’m not too sure about as they are practically identical in every way.

The first of these is Fiona.

Fiona looks absolutely identical to the Claire’s exclusive, Amaya. The only differences are the poem, birth date and style number. I guess Fiona is trying to be the regular retail version of Amaya, but I think that Ty could have made some effort to make her a little different (and Amaya is one of my favourite Beanie Boos).

Fiona will be available in a small, medium and key clip size.

The second of these clones of previous releases is Atlas.

Atlas is like the twin sister of the Claire’s exclusive, Piper (pictured below). They are basically the same Beanie Boo.

The only difference in appearance are that Atlas has embroidered eyelashes and Piper doesn’t….that’s all. However, they do have a different poem, style number and birth date. But looks-wise, they are basically identical.

Atlas will be available in a small, medium and key clip size.

My verdict on these new additions?

I love love LOVE Muddles, Cassidy and Nina. I think they are good new additions to the Beanie Boos range. I LIKE Atlas and Fiona, but only because I like Piper and Amaya. However, I think Ty could have done something different with them. To me, it feels like they’ve just reused the same design and shoved a new birth date and poem on them.

What are your thoughts on these upcoming Beanie Boos? Leave a comment below!


10 Responses to “Tuesday News Roundup!”

  1. vivi says:

    I need muttles and casadey

  2. Samber says:

    I like muddles nina fiona atlas.

  3. Stuffie addict says:

    But yes, Ty really could have tried to put a LITTLE difference with the clones, different colors or something? Fiona could have been a soft baby blue… Atlas maybe a purple?

  4. Samber says:

    Nina and Muddles is so adorable.

  5. zoemickey says:

    Nina is adorable!!

  6. Samber says:

    I got Atlas

  7. unaestheticx says:

    I hope muddles will be in a store near me! He’s so adorable!

  8. Samber says:

    I got Piper Muddles Nina Cassidy and Fiona I love them all I don’t have Amaya yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Samber says:

    Atlas has eyelashes and Piper don’t idk what the difference are between Fiona and Amaya but they could be twins you don’t know that ty did or didn’t do the same design ty does what they think is right and that idea happened for a reason ty might have children and they might be twins or they are twins but there is always something different about them they aren’t the same person just because they have the same face they aren’t the same toy if they have the same design and I don’t care what people what you guys think about this message

  10. Samber says:

    I got Amaya

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