Unboxing Holly, the Claire’s exclusive Beanie Boo!

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

Hi guys!

I’m really excited because today my Holly Beanie Boo arrived!

Holly is one of the three, brand new Claire’s exclusive Beanie Boos, the other two being Rory the kangaroo and Kora the koala.

So far, only Holly is available in the UK, but all three are available on the USA Claire’s website, where you can find Holly, Kora and Rory.

My first thoughts on Holly are that she looks nothing like the stock image on the Claire’s website and more like the original promotional image where she appeared to be more of an ice-blue colour.

Take a look at my unboxing video below!

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6 Responses to “Unboxing Holly, the Claire’s exclusive Beanie Boo!”

  1. vivi says:

    Omg no holly was so cute on the pitcher

  2. zoemickey says:

    I commented! I’m the person that is “Zoemickey”. I think Holly looks amazing!

  3. Stuffed animal addit says:

    It says on Yago’s page (normal) that he was retired the same day he came out, I know for a fact he hasn’t because I’ve seen him on the website, ???

  4. Rachel (admin) says:

    @Stuffed animal addit

    Sorry, that was my mistake! My brain must not have been working that day! I’ve corrected it now 🙂

  5. tacozbananaz says:

    I’m making a beanie baby Christmas wish list!

  6. beanie boo collector says:

    Add Shellby (Green) and Shellby Pink/Green keychain please

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