Happy Halloween from Beaniepedia!

Saturday, October 31st, 2020

Hi everyone!

Just a quick message to wish you all a Happy Halloween! Have a safe, spooky time!

Today, we took a trip out to one of our favourite places in the UK…Dartmoor! Well known for it’s ghost stories and spooky tales. Batty and Roam came along for the ride too!

Our trip was a bit short-lived because the weather turned bad, but we had a great day out nonetheless.

Also, Pandora, Spike and Radar didn’t want to be left out of the Halloween fun! Love these little Boos!

Happy Halloween folks, and stay safe! Let us know your favourite Halloween Beanies in the comments below!


3 Responses to “Happy Halloween from Beaniepedia!”

  1. zoemickey says:

    Happy Halloween!! I’m still waiting for one of the new Halloween beanie boos to get here.

  2. pupito says:

    Happy Halloween 👻

  3. Lililoutre says:

    Jimmy is my favorite halloween beanie boo but i also love pandora

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