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Beanie Baby Tush Tag Identification

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Tush tags are the small fabric tags that are attached to a Beanie Baby’s rear end. If you are trying to identify swing tags, please refer to the Swing Tag Identification guide here.

There are currently 16 generations of tush tag, each with slight differences. There are also Canadian tush tags, and a few rare Beanie Babies have an embroidered tush tag.

Below each tag is explained in detail and features a picture for easy identification.

1st Generation

The original Beanie Baby tush tags were black and white in colour. Beanie Babies with this tag will also have either a 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation swing tag. The copyright dates dates on these tags should either be 1993 or 1995 and these tags may say “For ages 3 and up” and some tags have CE written on them. The name if the Beanie Baby will not be written on the tush tag.

This generation of tush tag will either have “HANDMADE IN CHINA” or “HANDMADE IN KOREA” written on it.

2nd Generation

The 2nd generation began to use the red heart with “Ty” written inside on the tush tag. An ® symbol can be seen to the lower right of the heart logo. The 1993 or 1995 copyright dates can be seen on these tush tags.

These tags will either say “MADE IN CHINA” or “MADE IN KOREA” on them

The 2nd generation tush tags still don’t feature the name of the Beanie Baby. The first tags in this generation state “For ages 3 and up” but the later releases don’t.

3rd Generation

The 3rd generation added the words “The Beanie Babies Collectionâ„¢” to the top of the tush tag. The red heart has decreased in size but still has the ® symbol to the lower right of the heart.

The name of the Beanie Baby is now present on the tush tag underneath the heart and these tags can now have the copyright dates of 1993, 1995 or 1996.

There are various mistakes associated with this tag. Some Libearty’s had the word “Beanine” instead of “Beanie” and instead of “Surface” on Sly’s tag, it said “Sufrace”.

4th Generation

The 4th generation added a small red star to the top left of the heart. In between the process of changing from the 3rd generation to the 4th generation, the star was initially on a clear sticker until in the later 4th generation tush tags, it was eventually printed straight on to the tag. This was the only alteration to this generation of tush tag.

The copyright dates on this generation can either be 1993, 1995 or 1996. It will either say “HANDMADE IN CHINA” or “HANDMADE IN KOREA” on the tag.

5th Generation

In October 1997, the 5th generation of tush tags appeared on Beanie Babies. Many changes appeared on this tag. On the part of the tag where it says “The Beanie Babies Collection”, the ® symbol has now appeared after “Babies”. After the Beanie Baby’s name, there is now a â„¢ symbol.

There is still the copyright dates of 1993, 1995 or 1996 available with this tag generation. “HANDMADE IN KOREA” or HANDMADE IN CHINA” is also present on this tush tag.

6th Generation

The 6th generation tush tags appeared in January 1998. Once again, there are many changes to this generation. The ® symbol has disappeared from after the word “Babies” on “The Beanie Babies Collection” and is now present after the word “Collection”. These tags will either say that the Beanie Baby has PVC pellets or PE pellets inside it.

As of June 1998, some of the tags included a red chinese stamp inside them, indicating the factory that the Beanie Bay was made in.

There are now two more copyright dates that can be present. The 6th generation can either have 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997 or 1998 on them. Either “HANDMADE IN KOREA”, “HANDMADE IN CHINA” or “HANDMADE IN INDONESIA” will be printed on these tush tags.

7th Generation

The 7th generation tags began appearing after January 1999. A brand new hologram is now present, replacing the red heart symbol and “The Beanie Babies Collection. The Beanie Baby’s name is located below this hologram.

In the middle of the tush tag is a pale heart symbol which is heat activated and disappears when heat is applied. This has been added to help to identify between real and fake Beanie Babies.

The Chinese stamp that was present on the previous generation has now disappeared.

8th Generation

The 8th generation tush tags aren’t a whole lot different from the 7th generation tags. The only difference is that the tush tag is no longer a loop and is now just a strip of fabric with the hologram logo and all the same details as the 7th generation tush tags.

The Beanie Baby’s name is located below the hologram with a â„¢ symbol after the name.

9th Generation

The 9th generation tush tags appeared in March 2000 and reverted to the original loop tag design. There is still a hologram on these tags, but now you can either see a “Ty” heart or a star at different light angles with “Beanie” above the heart and “Babies” below it. Hearts and stars are dotted around on the hologram.

An 8 digit alpha numeric code is printed inside the tag and the heat responsive heart is still located  on the inside too.

10th Generation

The 10th generation tush tags started to appear on Beanie Babies in January 2001 and feature a new hologram. The background of the hologram features the words “Beanie Babies” written in diagonal lines. The “Ty” heart is still in the centre surrounded in hearts and stars.

The name of the Beanie Baby is located underneath the hologram followed by the â„¢ symbol.

11th Generation

The 11th generation tush tags were announced on 27th December 2001 and began to appear on Beanie Babies in January 2002. They can either be dated 2001 or 2002. The hologram has changed yet again, now with the new design of a Teddy Bear holding a “Ty” heart in it’s arms.

The Beanie Baby’s name appears below the hologram with the â„¢ symbol at the end.

12th Generation

The 12th generation tush tags appeared in 2002 with the new 11th generation swing tags. They first appeared on a Mastercard Anniversary special edition bear.

The hologram has dropped the Teddy Bear in favour of a “Ty” heart with smaller hearts and stars in the background. 2002 or 2003 dates can be present on these tush tags.

Later versions of the 12th generation tags moved the CE on to a separate line of writing and was made larger.

13th Generation

The 13th generation tush tags began to appear in 2003. The design had a complete overhaul and ditched the hologram in favour of a simple red foil “Ty” heart design. There is an ® symbol located to the lower right of the heart.

You can either find a 2003 or 2004 copyright date on these tush tags.

In the UK, Beanie Babies with the 12th generation swing tags appeared with 13th generation tush tags which were slightly different in that they had the UK Gosport address and didn’t state that they were made in China like previous versions.

In 2004, later versions of this tush tag appeared. The red heart lost it’s foil effect and the white “Ty” had now changed to gold. These tags had a copyright date of 2004.

Canadian Tush Tags

Beanie Babies that have been distributed in Canada include an additional tag on them underneath the usual tush tag. This Canadian tag is added to meet Canadian toy import regulations.

It is a white tag with black writing on and is written in English and French.

2002 versions of these import tags became much thinner.

Embroidered Tush Tags

Some very rare Beanie Babies with a 2nd generation swing tag and a Canadian import tag feature an embroidered tush tag.

This tag includes the copyright date of 1994, whereas no other tag has this date.

The embroidered tags are thought to be a mistake and it is incredibly rare to find a Beanie Baby with one attached as they are normally reserved for Ty Classic Animals.