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Kodi the Beanie Baby Bear!

Thursday, June 6th, 2024

Kodi the Bear Beanie Baby

Hi everyone! It was my Birthday yesterday and I was given the most fantastic present…a Kodi the bear Beanie Baby!

I am so besotted with him! He has the sweetest little face with gorgeous, sparkly orange-gold eyes, which are large but not quite as large as that of a Beanie Boo.

He also has the most adorable smile in the world!

Kodi the Bear Beanie Baby

Who wouldn’t be cheered up by that little face?!

His fur is very soft, and an almost-black colour with hints of dark brown mixed in. I love his beige muzzle and inner ears against the dark of his fur, and his little beige paws.

Kodi the Bear Face

I think that Kodi is meant to be an Alaskan Kodiak Bear, just based on his name. Although, I’d say he has more of the colouration of an American Black Bear over that of a Kodiak Bear.

Kodi’s Hang Tag

He has a 19th generation Beanie Babies hang tag, but interestingly even though we are away in Europe right now (Bulgaria), he has the USA variation of this hang tag.

Kodi the Bear Beanie Baby Hang Tag

Kodi’s Birthday is on 7th February and his poem reads as follows:

When I scratch my back it is something to see
I’ll stand up and rub it against a tall tree!

Kodi the Bear Beanie Baby Hang Tag

There are not many places that sell Beanie Babies in Bulgaria, for instance, near us there is only one bookshop that stocks them. But, when they do sell them, they seem to put an import sticker on the hang tag over here, like the one on Kodi’s tag below…

Kodi the Bear Beanie Baby Bulgarian Import Sticker Hang Tag

Luckily, they haven’t put it over the actual poem this time (believe me this has been done before…), and it was stuck on the additional “Important Information” hang tags instead.

My thoughts on the Kodi Beanie Baby…

Kodi the Bear

Kodi is possibly one of my favourite “Beanie Boo-style” Beanie Babies and not just because he was given to me as a Birthday present! I’ve wanted him for so long, but just never got round to buying him for whatever reason.

He has the sweetest face and his fur is such a beautiful, luxurious colour.

Kodi is also available as a Ty Classic, which I don’t have yet, so one day I may have to get him a big brother!

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For those interested, Kodi is also currently available on Amazon in the UK.

Do you have Kodi in your collection? What are your thoughts on him? Leave a comment below!