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I won a limited edition Fraya Beanie Baby!

Monday, May 20th, 2024

Hi everyone! I’m so excited! I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I won a limited edition, numbered Fraya Beanie Baby!

I entered a competition on Instagram held by Ty UK, and couldn’t believe that I (along with a few others) won!

Fraya the flamingo is one of the latest Beanie Baby releases, along with Emmett the dinosaur and Domino the panda.

She is the most beautiful, bright pink colour with turquoise coloured, long legs and a bright yellow beak. The underside of her wings is a pistachio green. She really is quite a colourful Beanie Baby!

My limited edition Fraya Beanie Baby

Here she is! My gorgeous, sealed Fraya the flamingo! Numbered 23/30!

Limited Edition Numbered Fraya Flamingo Ty Beanie Baby

I love the little picture on the front with all three Beanie Babies from this set sat around an erupting volcano, with Fraya dipping her feet in the river.

She also has an additional 30th Anniversary hang tag. From what I gather, it is also numbered, but I haven’t opened, and will not be opening the packaging to see it properly.

You can just about see it from the picture below, just poking out from behind the “Ty” hang tag.

Limited Edition Numbered Fraya Flamingo Ty Beanie Baby

It just goes to show that it is actually worth entering the Ty Instagram competitions!

Will I be selling her?

Unfortunately no. I’m so happy to have won her and can’t see myself ever selling her. She will have a special place in my collection.

Is Fraya my first competition win?

Also, no. I have actually entered these competitions before and won a limited edition numbered Silver II Beanie Baby!

Limited Edition Numbered Silver II Ty Beanie Baby

She is numbered 22/20 and was also another Ty UK competition win!

Again, I will not be selling her as she is my absolute favourite Beanie Baby competition win!

She also has the sweetest face! How could I possibly sell her?!

Limited Edition Numbered Silver II Ty Beanie Baby

I’m so happy to have won these two, and I cannot thank Ty UK enough for holding these competitions and allowing us the chance to own one of these adorable, limited edition Beanie Babies!

Do you have any of the limited edition Beanie Babies? Which one did you get? Leave a comment below!