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Take a look at the Valentine’s Beanies for 2024!

Thursday, January 11th, 2024

Hi everyone!

Very soon, we will be getting the new Valentine’s Beanies for 2024!

I’m very excited about these new releases as we will be seeing a brand new animal design never made by Ty before!

There will be some brand new Beanie Boos, Beanie Bellies and Squishy Beanies and from what I’ve seen, they all look so cute!

I’ll start with the Squishy Beanies…


Flirt the Cat Ty Squishy Beanie

Flirt is an adorable squishy cat with a bright heart over her left eye. I really love her design and the stripes on top of her head, as well as her cute little whiskers.

Flirt will be available in a medium 10″ and large 14″ size.

Medium Flirt is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Large Flirt is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Beau the Dog Ty Squishy Beanie

Beau is based on a previous Beanie Boo, also called Beau.

She is covered in cute little hearts and has a heart over her right eye.

Beau will be available in a medium 10″ and large 14″ size.

Medium Beau is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Large Beau is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Three new Beanie Boos will also be released this month…


Gigi the Monkey Ty Beanie Boo

Gigi is an adorable little pink monkey with gorgeous pink eyes! She carries a bright red, shiny heart just for you!

I love her adorable little smiley face that is certain to cheer you up!

Gigi is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Rory the Dog Ty Beanie Boo

Just look at little Rory! How could anyone resist her cute little face?!

I adore the colour combination of pink and white and her bright pink spots. She also has the sweetest little white eyebrows over her glittery pink eyes.

Rory is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Bubbles the Octopus Ty Beanie Boo

Check out adorable Bubbles!

This little octopus has a pale pink body and tentacles and she is covered in bright pink hearts. Her purple eyes are just gorgeous!

Bubbles is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!

And now for the Beanie Bellies!


Valerie the Bear Ty Beanie Bellies

Little Valerie is so sweet that she is covered in bright red kisses!

Her nose is heart-shaped and she has red paw pads with “XO” on them, meaning “hugs and kisses”.

Valerie is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Sprinkles the Cow/Bull Ty Beanie Bellies

I LOVE Sprinkles!

I think he might be a bull, just because the previous Beanie Bellies cow, Herdly, had udders!

He has the cutest little tuft of pink fur on top of his head and carries a bright red heart.

Sprinkles is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!

And finally…


Locky the Axolotl Ty Beanie Bellies

Locky is quite possibly my favourite Beanie Bellies design so far this year!

I’m so glad that Ty have finally released an axolotl, as I think a lot of people have been asking for one, myself included!

I ADORE her pink-fringed, shiny frills and tiny hands and feet!

Locky is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!

My thoughts…

I think my favourite Beanie of the 2024 Valentine’s Day releases has to be, hands down, Locky! I love that there is a brand new animal design and she looks downright adorable!

A close second would have to be Sprinkles. He would make the perfect partner for Herdly!

To be honest, I love all of the Valentine’s Beanies this year!

Who is your favourite Valentine’s Day Beanie? What are your thoughts on the new releases? Leave a comment below!


Happy Valentine’s Day from Beaniepedia!

Friday, February 14th, 2020

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all having a lovely Valentine’s Day! Or if not, then I hope you’re enjoying the fact that it’s Friday! Yay!

Today, I thought I’d write about two of the 90’s Valentine’s Day Beanie Babies as I have put a lot of focus into the later Beanie Babies and Beanie Boos recently.

These two are often thought of as a pair, although they were released four years apart. I’m talking about Valentino and Valentina.

I’ll start with Valentino.

Valentino was first released back in 1995. There have been so many false rumours about this Beanie Baby, it’s crazy.

Valentino is only really considered “rare” with a 2nd generation swing tag, and most desirably, with a 1st generation tush tag. With a 3rd generation swing tag he is rare-ish, but won’t fetch a high price like the 2nd generation. A Valentino with a 4th generation swing tag was mass produced, so is unlikely to fetch any more than about $5.

When Valentino was released with a 4th generation swing tag, he was given a poem and a birth date (14th February 1994). His poem reads:

His heart is red and full of love
He cares for you so give him a hug
Keep him close when feeling blue
Feel the love he has for you

There have been many listings for Valentino on eBay for ridiculous prices, claiming they have a “rare” Valentino with a “rare brown nose instead of black” and “all the tag errors”. Sound familiar? It doesn’t help when unscrupulous eBay sellers make up shill bids to drive the prices up.

The truth is that ALL Valentinos had a brown nose and tag errors were very common in the vast majority of Beanie Babies.

Valentina (pictured above) is often seen alongside Valentino, even though they were released years apart. She is almost the opposite colouring to Valentino, with fuchsia colouring and a white heart embroidered on her chest.

She was only ever released with a 5th generation swing tag and a 7th generation tush tag, making her quite a common (but cute) Beanie Baby.

Her Birthday is on 14th February 1998 and the poem in her swing tag reads as follows:

Flowers, candy and hearts galore
Sweet words of love for those you adore
With this bear comes love that’s true
On Valentine’s Day and all year through!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and that I have cleared up a few of the false rumours surrounding Valentino.

Do you have either Valentino or Valentina?

Enjoy the rest of your Valentine’s Day!


Top 5 Valentine’s Day Beanie Babies

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I have decided to compile a list of my top five personal favourite Valentine’s Day Beanie Babies!

1. Valentino

Valentino was one of the first Beanie Baby bears I got (along with Halo and Fuzz) so has a sentimental value to me.

His poem reads as follows:

His heart is red and full of love
He cares for you so give him a hug
Keep him close when feeling blue
Feel the love he has for you!

Although I love Valentino, there is so much false information out there about him, mainly regarding his rarity and value.

To clear things up a bit, Valentino is only worth any more than a few dollars when he has a 2nd or 3rd generation swing tag, the 2nd generation being worth several hundreds of dollars if it is in absolutely mint condition.

There was a rumour that if Valentino has a brown nose then he is worth more. The truth is that all Valentino bears had a brown nose. There was no other colour variation available.

Finally, errors in the tag add absolutely nothing to his value. Tag errors were produced in the millions and are very common among most Beanie Babies.

Having said that, I love Valentino and think he’s a lovely bear.

2. Lovely

Lovely is an adorable little white dog covered in a red heart pattern. She reminds me a bit of a dalmatian dog as the heart pattern looks a bit like red spots and I just love the bright red ribbon she has tied around her neck.

Her poem reads:

A wagging dog so cute and sweet
Is bringing you a special treat
Many warm hugs meant just for you
A more lovely pup you never knew!

So cute!

3. Garfield – Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m sure you have all heard of Garfield the cat, the popular comic series created by Jim Davis. Since he has appeared in his own TV series and even feature length movies.

The cynical, lasagne-loving feline has even been made into a few licensed Beanie Babies, one of which is the “Happy Valentine’s Day” version, pictured above.

His poem reads:

Love is splitting the
last plate of

4. Romance

Romance is one of the newer “pot belly” design teddy bears, in fact she was the first to feature this new look.

She is a pale pink with highlights of hot pink mixed in and has a cute little heart-shaped nose.

Her poem reads:

Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance
To give some love and show romance
This little bear can hardly wait
She wants to help you celebrate!

And finally…

5. Smoothie

Smoothie was a cute white giraffe covered in bright red hearts. Her gorgeous fluffy red mane runs down her long neck and she has a tuft of bright red fur on the end of her tail.

Smoothie’s poem reads:

I will search high in the trees
For someone that I can squeeze
My Valentine will meet me there
And we will make the perfect pair!

What did you think of this list? What are your favourite Valentine’s Day Beanie Babies.