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Halloween 2024 Beanie Boos and Beanie Bellies Leaks!

Friday, June 7th, 2024

Hi everyone! Have you seen the upcoming Beanie Boos and Beanie Bellies for Halloween 2024! These are the new leaked designs and I’m absolutely thrilled to share them with you!

There appear to be some really awesome Beanies this Halloween and I can’t wait to get hold of them!

So far I do not know their names, but here they are below.

Halloween Beanie Bellies Frankenstein

Ty Beanie Bellies Frankenstein Halloween 2024

The only time we’ve had a “Frankenstein” Beanie has been Frankenteddy and SpongeBob Frankenstein, so it’s awesome to have an ACTUAL Frankenstein’s monster.

Fun Fact: It’s a common misconception that Frankenstein was the name of the monster from the Mary Shelley book. Frankenstein was actually the CREATOR of the monster. The actual monster that he created was never given a name.

I love the detail on this one, like his prominent eyebrows and stitching on his face. He has lime green skin that goes with the purple of his eyes.

Halloween Beanie Bellies Pumpkin

Ty Beanie Bellies Pumpkin Halloween 2024

This pumpkin, monster-thingy is actually really cute! I’m not sure what he is supposed to be but I love his orange pumpkin head with a tiny green stalk. There is some lovely airbrushing detail on his face, giving it a shadow effect.

His body is orange and covered in black stripes like a tiger, but he has an orange tummy with a black pumpkin face.

I like that his “hands” are a green colour, making them different from his black feet.

Halloween Beanie Boo Black Bat

Ty Beanie Boo Black Bat Halloween 2024

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a Beanie Boo Bat!

This bat is very similar to the Halloween bat Beanie Boo from 2023 called Ophelia. The overall design actually hasn’t changed, but the eyes are now blue instead of green. The spiderweb pattern on the wings have also changed from red to white and her feet are now black instead of bright red.

I do love this sweet little bat though!

Halloween Beanie Boo Mummy Ghost

Ty Beanie Boo Mummy Ghost Halloween 2024

Again, this is another design that has been re-hashed from last year. This little ghost is basically Mumford without the orange stripes and his eyes have changed from green to orange.

I did like Mumford’s design though and sadly didn’t get him last year, so I would definitely get this little ghost mummy! How could I resist his little pet spider?!

Halloween Beanie Boo Black Cat

Ty Beanie Boo Black Cat Halloween 2024


She is a mostly black cat with the most gorgeous pink patches! Her purple, orange and green eyes are ENCHANTING and she has the most adorable little purple nose! Her little green ears go well with her bright pink and black colouring too.

I seriously love everything about her and I hope I can get hold of her!

Halloween Beanie Boo Orange and Black Spider

Ty Beanie Boo Orange and Black Spider Halloween 2024

This spider has some of the hallmarks of last year’s spider, Charlotte. However, from this picture it looks like the legs and feelers are thinner and a slightly different shade of orange. They also look less fuzzy than Charlotte’s.

Maybe my Charlotte needs a friend?…

Halloween Beanie Boo Brown and Black Spider

Ty Beanie Boo Brown and Black Spider Halloween 2024

Ok, now this is a spider I really do want!

I love the colouring on this one! How the brown on his face fades into the rest of the black on his head and his black-tipped, brown legs look creepily cute!

I think this one has the potential to be my new favourite spider Beanie Boo!

And finally…

Halloween Beanie Boo White Spider

Ty Beanie Boo White Spider Halloween 2024.

Actually, I take that back…THIS could possibly be my favourite spider Beanie Boo!

OMG! Just look at that snowy-white body and white legs! Also, how cute are his sparkly purple eyes?!

He looks like he could be a little white jumping spider. Whatever he is, he is quite possible the cutest Beanie Boo spider EVER!

My thoughts on the Halloween 2024 Beanie Boos and Beanie Bellies…

I am LOVING the new Beanie Bellies! They are fun new designs that we haven’t had yet and the perfect addition to the Halloween range!

The Beanie Boos I’m mixed about. I LOVE some designs, like the white and brown spiders and the cat. However, I feel a few are very similar to last year’s designs and I wish there had a bit more variation.

I do like them though, because just look at them! They are very cute.

I will probably buy them anyway, especially the ghost and bat as I didn’t manage to get either Mumford or Ophelia last year.

What do you think about this year’s Halloween Beanie Boos and Beanie Bellies leaks? Who is your favourite? Leave a comment below!