Vitoria Fox
I have Phoenix and she’s my mascot, I love her sooo much!! She’s my #1 favorite, no other beanie boo would beat her (In my opinion)! I would also ship her with Spirit 😏. I also dressed her up, so she would look charming (because it says on her poem). And the coolest of all, my favorite animal is foxes!!! She’s just perfect for me ^^.
Vitoria Fox
I have Yips but with no horn and gosh, HES SO FLUFFY!!! He’s one of my favorites. But it would be really appreciated if you added the no-horn version of him on the BeaniePeadia, but if not that’s okay, thanks. ☺️ But other than that he’s great!
Vitoria Fox
I don’t own spirit but he looks so cute and fluffy!! I’ve seen him in real life as well. And coolest of all- HE HAS THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME!!! That makes me soo happy that there’s actually a beanie boo with the same birthday as me, and probably some of you guys too. WHO KNEW WE WOULD BE BIRTHDAY TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!
So cute! I got mine in really good condition and the little velcro wings are adorable! 8.5/10
Juanita Gingles
I have 2 of these beanies