Ellie Whitt
I love this beanie boo! I think it was my favorite Christmas 2022 one overall!
Lunar 3cl1sp3
Fetch is really cute i always have to squish her and i love sleeping with her.I call her Valerie and i recently got dotty so i basically saying that the first beanie babys are better then the beanie baby's 2.0!
Dirk Bottomtext
This one shares the same birthday as me! I have both this medium version and a small one. I don't wanna say what I named him though because it's a pun on my deadname. :x
Dirk Bottomtext
I got this one from an otherwise disastrous trip to Glasgow, I named him Akito (after Akito Shinonome) because I got another plushie named Toya (afyer Toya Aoyagi) the same day.
Dirk Bottomtext
My mum bought him as a present for my old best friend thinking he was an owl (owls were that friend's favourite animals). When he arrived and me and my mum found out he was a penguin I kept him. We named him Buddy :p