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The 4th series of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies has now been announced!

Friday, August 18th, 2023

Hi everyone!

Great news! We now know who is in the fourth set of 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies!

Yet again, they will be available to find at local retailers in the USA and UK….and here they are below!

Zip II

Zip II 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby

Zip II made his appearance in the third set in the UK. Now he will be available in the fourth series of Beanies.

He looks identical in nearly every way to the original Zip (white paws variation), except for the addition of a white tail tip.

His Birthday has moved from the 28th March to 28th June, but his poem remains unchanged.

Nanook II

Nanook II 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies

Nanook II is one of the new designs this month!

Based on the original Nanook, who was one of the cutest little husky Beanie Babies (in my opinion), he is set to be a favourite this month!

I’m not sure on a Birthday for him just yet, but I’m guessing based on previous Beanies that his poem will remain the same as the original, shown below.

Nanook is a dog that loves cold weather
To him a sled is light as a feather
Over the snow and through the slush
He runs at hearing the cry of “mush!”

I can’t wait to get this little guy and I currently have him on preorder for when he arrives!

Blue Teddy II

Blue Teddy II 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies (Photo:


Blue Teddy II is the new bear addition available this month for the USA.

So far, the picture above is all that I can find on him. As you can see, he is a beautiful bright blue colour with a pastel rainbow ribbon.

So far, I’m uncertain if he will have a poem or birth date yet, but I will update his page when I get more details on him.

I’m not quite sure why he’s called “Blue Teddy II” however, as there wasn’t a “Blue Teddy” to begin with! I’m guessing they’re just sticking with them all having “II” at the end of their name.

Signature Bear II

Signature Bear II 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies

Signature Bear II was available in the third set last month for the USA. However, he will now be available in the fourth set in the UK this time.

Inside his hang tag, he is named Signature Bear 2023.

He is a gorgeous lime green colour with a bright red ribbon, and of course, the signature Ty heart on his chest.

My thoughts…

The fourth series looks amazing!

I’m really looking forward to getting Nanook II as I loved the original Beanie Baby version of him!

However, I’m a little disappointed this month that the UK only have two Beanies in the fourth series (Nanook II and Signature Bear II) instead of the three that the USA will be getting (Nanook II, Blue Teddy II and Zip II).

What are your thoughts on this latest set of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies? Who is your favourite? Leave a comment below!


Have you heard? The new Halloween 2023 Beanie Boos have been revealed!

Thursday, August 10th, 2023

Hi everyone!

More exciting news from Ty! We are currently awaiting the announcement for the next series of 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies. However, this year’s Halloween Beanie Boos have been announced for 2023!

There will be four new Beanie Boos available and they are freakily adorable!

See below for the new Halloween Beanie Boos!


Mumford the Mummy Halloween Beanie Boo 2023

I can’t quite decide if Mumford is a mummy or a ghost. He wears bandages like a mummy, but has the shape of a ghost!

He is so adorable though, and made more so by the cute little spider pet he carries round with him! I love that his poem is all about his little arachnid friend too.

He is one of my favourite Halloween Beanie Boos this year!


Nightcap the Ghost Halloween Beanie Boo 2023

This is the second ghostly friend available this year!

Nightcap wears a large pointed, striped hat and he has a cute little gold tooth. His entire body is covered in silver sparkles, adding to his ghostly appearance.

I love his his sparkly orange eyes stand out from the white of his body.


Charlotte the Spider Halloween Beanie Boo 2023

Not to be confused with another Beanie Boo cat called Charlotte.

This eight-legged Charlotte is quite possibly named after the spider character from the book, Charlotte’s Web.

She is very cute (if you’re not arachnophobic) and I love the white detail underneath her eyes and her tiny, sparkly fangs. Her orange and black striped legs look very striking against her black body too.

And finally…


Ophelia the Bat Halloween Beanie Boo 2023

It wouldn’t be a Halloween Beanie Boo launch without a bat Beanie Boo!

Last year, we actually had two bats, Drizella and Mortimer. This time, we only have one but she is one of my favourite bats so far!

Her name is Ophelia and she is so adorable!

I absolutely love how her black, fuzzy body is broken up by the sparkly bright blue of her inner ears, her glittery green eyes and her bright red feet. Her sparkly black wings with a red spiderweb pattern also make a nice touch.

My thoughts on the 2023 Halloween Beanie Boos…

My favourite of this spooky bunch is probably Ophelia, followed by Mumford. I love Ophelia’s colouration and I think Mumford’s pet spider is so cute!

I’m a little sad that there are no Halloween cat Beanie Boos this year, but there is a good selection and we did have two cats last year, Morticia and Oleander.

What are your thoughts on this year’s Halloween Beanie Boos? Who is your favourite? Leave a comment below!


The Beanie Bubble Movie is Out! Did it meet up to expectations?

Sunday, August 6th, 2023

Hi everyone!

As you may be aware, the Beanie Bubble movie is now showing at selected cinemas and available to stream on Apple TV as well as Amazon Prime in the US!

I have now watched it and really enjoyed the movie but can safely say, that this movie is not intended for children.

The movie is based on the book, The Great Beanie Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute by Zac Bissonnette. This book is about the rise and fall of the Beanie Baby craze of the 90’s and can be purchased on and

Be aware, this review may contain some spoilers if you haven’t already watched the movie.

The Beanie Bubble (Photo: Apple TV)

(Photo: Apple TV)

What is the movie about?

The Beanie Bubble follows the lives of the three women that helped Ty gain the success he had during the Beanie craze of the 90’s.

Elizabeth Banks plays Robbie Jones, Ty’s business partner. They meet after the death of Ty’s Father and eventually set up Ty Inc. together.

Sarah Snook plays Sheila Harper, Ty’s long term girlfriend. Sheila and her two daughters move in to Ty’s house.

Geraldine Viswanathan plays Maya Kumar, “employee number 12” at Ty Inc. She came up with ideas for the company, such as the poems in hang tags and retiring Beanie Babies to make them more sought after. She also designed (along with her brother) the the first ever website that sold directly to consumers.

The Beanie Bubble is about the rise and fall of the Beanie Babies craze that sent everybody mad.  It is based around how these three women, who played such a huge part in Ty Warner’s life, never got a mention.

Are the events in the movie real?

As with all things in the film industry, not EVERYTHING is exactly how things played out. At the beginning of the movie, it even states “There are parts of the truth you can’t make up. The rest we did”. But from what I’ve learned there are some key events that did really happen.

The truck that overturned at the beginning of the movie sending thousands of Beanie Babies hurtling through the air actually happened. However, in reality it contained McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Babies not Beanie Babies.

Beanie Bubble Movie Truck Crash

(Photo: Apple TV)

McDonald’s really did run out of Teenie Beanie Babies, and one guy actually ordered 100 Happy Meals and told the cashier to “hold the food, just include the Beanies”.

People really were that crazy in the 90’s. I miss those days…

What about the women in the movie? Did they really exist?

Although their names have been changed for the Beanie Bubble movie, they are actually based on real people in Ty’s life.

Robbie Jones

Robbie is based on Ty’s real life former girlfriend, Patricia Roche. She did in fact help set up Ty Inc along with Ty Warner. However, the movie suggested she would never work for him again, but set up her own separate company that would become the exclusive wholesaler of Ty products in the UK. In reality, the didn’t set up a company and accepted Ty’s offer to directly run Ty UK. It was correct that was one of the highest paid executives in the UK though.

Sheila Harper

Sheila is really inspired by Faith McGowan, Ty’s long-term girlfriend. She has two daughters from a pervious relationship, and they all moved into Ty Warner’s house together. This really happened.

It is partially true about the Spooky hang tag name credit change. It is suggested in the movie that Sheila’s daughter came up with the Spooky design. She drew the design on a tablecloth and gave it to Ty and he credited her on the hang tag, saying it was designed by Ava Harper.

Spooky Beanie Baby Ava Harper

(Photo: Apple TV)

Apparently, Ty was having trouble with how the Beanie would fit with the Beanie Babies range. Faith’s daughter, Jenna Boldebuck, drew the design on a paper tablecloth (like in the movie). But instead of handing the drawing to him, Ty tore the sketch off and took it with him.

The original Beanie did indeed have Jenna’s name credited on it, but two months later disappeared.

Maya Kumar

Maya’s real-life inspiration is a woman named Lina Trivedi. In the movie, she came up with the idea of adding a poem and birthday to the hang tags and designed the Beanie Baby website. She even came up with the idea of retiring Beanie Babies.

In reality, she (along with her brother) did in fact design and it really did become the first business to consumer website in the world.

However, she did not come up with the idea of retiring Beanie Babies. That credit goes to the King brothers, who were distributors for Ty Inc.

My thoughts on the movie…

Although, there is quite a lot that is definitely more fiction that fact, I did really enjoy the movie. It brought a sense of nostalgia for the 90’s that I really liked.

There are parts I found a bit cheesy, but overall I thought it was a great insight into the Beanie Baby craze.

I also loved the Beanie Babies that were made specifically for the movie and the crazy, colourful cats that I wish existed.

Beanie Bubble Movie Pink Cat

(Photo: Apple TV)

When I first saw the trailer I wasn’t sure if there would be much about actual Beanie Babies, but some names did have a mention which I was pleased about.

Would I watch it again? Of course I would!

If you would like to read The Great Beanie Bubble book, you can find it on and Amazon UK

The Beanie Bubble is available at selected cinemas, on Apple TV and through Amazon Prime in the US.

Have you seen The Beanie Bubble movie? What did you think of it? Leave a comment below!