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Take a look at Series 6 of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies!

Monday, December 11th, 2023

Hi everyone!

Some exciting news in time for Christmas!…the 6th series of 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies has been announced!

I have pre-ordered this set from The Magical Gift Boutique ready for their release as I expect this set to be quite popular!

Celebrate II

Celebrate II 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby

Celebrate II was first released in the USA as part of series 5. However, he has now been released in series 6 for the UK!

I love the purple colour of Celebrate II and his little purple-pink ribbon. It feels like one of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies I MUST have in my collection because of his embroidered “30 Years” Ty heart.

Celebrate II is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Amber II

Amber II 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby

Following on from last series’ Silver II, we will now be getting his counterpart Amber II!

I remember saying in a previous post how I would love Silver II to have his companion kitty, and I’m happy to say that these two will be reunited again!

The difference this time is that Amber II has been created in the design of the older style kitties, which I absolutely LOVE! It almost feels like Ty has been listening when I said I prefer the old-style cats of the 90s!

Amber II is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Bananas II

Bananas II 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby

The final addition to the Anniversary Beanie Babies will be…Bananas II!

Bananas II is named after the original Bananas, but has a design more akin to Schweetheart.

I love his colour combination of smoky grey and lilac. There is something quite calming about it, yet still retaining some of the crazy colour mixes that I love.

Bananas II is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

My thoughts…

I am so happy that Celebrate II is finally coming to the UK! I’ve been waiting for this Beanie to arrive since the last series, when it was announced that he would be part of the 5th series in the USA!

I’m so happy that Silver and Amber will be together again! I’m also glad that Ty went with the old-style, laying down design for her instead of a sitting position.

Bananas is a great addition to the 30th Anniversary range and I’m happy that we have another crazy colour combination again! I also love that he looks more like Schweetheart, rather than the original Bananas as I preferred that design overall.

I’m so glad that I’ve preordered this set from The Magical Gift Boutique as I think they will be very popular.

I’m slightly sad that with it being December, there are no Christmas-themed re-releases joining the gang, but I guess there weren’t any Halloween or Thanksgiving Anniversary Beanies either. But I absolutely love the new additions that we are getting!

What are your thoughts on series 6? Who is your favourite? Leave a comment below!