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Meet Molasses, Stanley and Foster, The New Anniversary Beanie Babies!

Thursday, March 28th, 2024
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Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to show you these guys! My new Anniversary Beanie Babies arrived from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Meet Stanley, Foster and Molasses!

Ty Anniversary Beanie Babies Stanley Foster and Molasses

These guys are the latest set of Anniversary Beanie Babies, but the first to drop the “II” after their name!

When Ty first hinted at these three, everyone (including myself) thought they would be remodelled versions of Slippery, Mooch and Slowpoke. Later their names were announced and they were shown on the Ty instagram page as Stanley II, Molasses II and Foster II, so I assumed that would be what the tag read too.

But when they arrived, I was surprised that the “II” had been dropped! I’m kind of glad though, as they have brand new names so it wouldn’t have made sense to keep using the “II”.

Let’s take a look at them a bit closer…


Stanley Seal Ty 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby Front

Stanley is very similar to Slippery, but he has had a complete overhaul in his design. He sports a gorgeous mint-green colour matched with his yellow tummy! I absolutely adore his innocent expression and little blue nose and blue thread whiskers!

Stanley Seal Ty 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby Back

He sits just like Slippery did, using his flippers to sit himself upright. It almost looks like he’s sunbathing! I also like how he looks ever so slightly chunkier than Slippery did.

His Birthday is on 4th May (Star Wars Day!) and his hang tag reads:

Calmly sleep the whole night through,
As my flippers comfort you.
You’ll feel safe during the night,
As I hold you very tight.

Slipery Seal Ty 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby Hang Tag

I really love Stanley’s crazy colour combination, as I love the colourful Beanie Babies! He kind of has that 90’s vibe going, where Ty made quite a few brightly coloured Beanie Babies.

Stanley is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Foster Monkey Ty 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby
Foster is essentially Mooch but coloured a fiery bright red! His face, hands, feet and ears have changed to a pale pink colour, but he has kept the gorgeous ring of fluffy, white fur around his face.

Foster Monkey Ty 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby Face
He has a very sweet expression on his face, his sad-looking black button eyes accentuated by his embroidered eyebrows. His black nostrils finish off his look.

Foster Monkey Ty 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby Back
On the back, he has a long, bright red tail, which has kept the little curl at the end that Mooch had.

His Birthday is on 3rd February and his poem reads:

I’m a monkey with no phone
But I’m never all alone.
I visit people that I like
By riding over on my bike.

I love this little red monkey and think he makes a welcome addition to the new Beanie Babies collection!

Foster is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

And finally…


Molasses Sloth Ty 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby Front
Molasses looks like he could be based on Slowpoke with a redesigned face.

He is a vivid, bright orange, with a turquoise face and bright blue stripes over his eyes. His colours are absolutely gorgeous in real life and much better than the photos I could manage to take of him.

Molasses Sloth Ty 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby Face
His back is a solid orange with no other colours, but I wouldn’t have expected that. In fact, he kind of looks like he’s wearing an orange, hooded jacket from the back!

Molasses Sloth Ty 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby Back
His Birthday is on 7th August and his poem reads:

I may be slow as you can see,
But I don’t let it bother me.
It never keeps my friends away,
Moving slow is just my way.

Molasses Sloth Ty 30th Anniversary Beanie Baby Hang Tag
I really love Molasses and think he is possibly one of my favourites of this set due to his vivid colours.

Molasses is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

My thoughts…

I am absolutely in love with this set! I’ve always loved the brightly coloured Beanie Babies that were released back in the 90’s and I’m so glad that this set is the most brightly coloured so far!

Molasses is probably my favourite overall, followed by Stanley and Foster.

I bought the Beanie Bundle on The Magical Gift Boutique, which worked out cheaper than buying them individually.

Do you like this new colourful set of Beanie Babies? Who is your favourite? Leave a comment below!

Take a look at the Spring/Easter Beanies for 2024!

Sunday, March 17th, 2024
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Hi everyone!

It’s Beanie Mail time!

I ordered two lots of Beanies from The Magical Gift Boutique! The first parcel was an Easter Bunny Beanie Bundle with Meringue, Cream and Dusty and I also ordered Binx the cat.

The second parcel I ordered because I just couldn’t resist them! I decided to order Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon who were all available on special offer in an Easter Bunny Beanie Balls bundle.

I thought I’d try testing them out in our brand new photo light box!

Meringue and Cream

Meringue and Cream Ty Beanie Bellies Easter Bunnies 2024

How cute are this pair?! I’m currently missing Peaches, but I have managed to source her to complete the set and she should be arriving shortly.

I’m loving the new upright ear design on this year’s Easter Bunnies, as well as their very sweet faces that make them look utterly scrumptious!

They also have the most adorable paw prints on their paws!

Meringue Easter Bunny Ty Beanie Bellies Hang Tag 2024 Cream Easter Bunny Ty Beanie Bellies Hang Tag 2024

They both have little bunny tails and they are covered from head to toe in yummy-looking sprinkles!

Meringue and Cream Easter Bunnies Ty Beanie Bellies 2024

Meringue, Cream and Dusty are available in a Beanie Bundle from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Peetie and Dusty

Peetie and Dusty Easter Beanie Boos 2024

I can’t get over how adorable this pair look together!

There’s Peetie in his eggshell hat and pants and Dusty in her little Easter chick slippers!

They just look so sweet side by side!

Peetie Beanie Boos Hang Tag 2024 Dusty Easter Bunny Beanie Boo Hang Tag 2024

Dusty is covered in little, colourful spots and I love Peetie’s bright yellow colour against the white of his eggshell!

Peetie and Dusty Easter Beanie Boos 2024

Peetie is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Dusty is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon

Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon Easter Bunny Ty Beanie Balls 2024

These three together make me so hungry! I love how colourful they are!

When together, Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon look just like balls of sorbet!

As I said previously, these three, paired with Meringue, Peaches and Cream would make a perfectly sweet pavlova!

Strawberry Easter Bunny Beanie Balls Hang Tag 2024 Kiwi Easter Bunny Beanie Balls Hang Tag 2024 Lemon Easter Bunny Beanie Balls Hang Tag 2024

Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon are available to order as a bundle from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Binx Cat Ty Beanie Bellies 2024

She may not be an Easter Beanie, but she arrived in my parcel so I thought I’d show you what she looks like in reality.

Binx was the last cat I needed to complete my regular-sized cat Beanie Bellies collection.

She is purrfectly adorable and I’m so glad I’ve got her! I absolutely love her blue eyes!

Binx Cat Ty Beanie Bellies Hang Tag 2024

Binx is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

My thoughts…

I really love this year’s Easter range!

One thing I really like is how good they all look together as I’m thinking of adding them to a small Easter Beanie display. All the colours compliment each other and look amazing!

I can’t wait to add Peaches to the mix as I think she really will finish off the set.

Binx is also a lovely addition to the Beanie Bellies range and her eyes really are beautiful.

Ty Easter Beanies 2024

Do you have any of the Easter Beanies yet? Who do you like best? Leave a comment below!

The Beanie Bubble Movie is Out! Did it meet up to expectations?

Sunday, August 6th, 2023

Hi everyone!

As you may be aware, the Beanie Bubble movie is now showing at selected cinemas and available to stream on Apple TV as well as Amazon Prime in the US!

I have now watched it and really enjoyed the movie but can safely say, that this movie is not intended for children.

The movie is based on the book, The Great Beanie Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute by Zac Bissonnette. This book is about the rise and fall of the Beanie Baby craze of the 90’s and can be purchased on and

Be aware, this review may contain some spoilers if you haven’t already watched the movie.

The Beanie Bubble (Photo: Apple TV)

(Photo: Apple TV)

What is the movie about?

The Beanie Bubble follows the lives of the three women that helped Ty gain the success he had during the Beanie craze of the 90’s.

Elizabeth Banks plays Robbie Jones, Ty’s business partner. They meet after the death of Ty’s Father and eventually set up Ty Inc. together.

Sarah Snook plays Sheila Harper, Ty’s long term girlfriend. Sheila and her two daughters move in to Ty’s house.

Geraldine Viswanathan plays Maya Kumar, “employee number 12” at Ty Inc. She came up with ideas for the company, such as the poems in hang tags and retiring Beanie Babies to make them more sought after. She also designed (along with her brother) the the first ever website that sold directly to consumers.

The Beanie Bubble is about the rise and fall of the Beanie Babies craze that sent everybody mad.  It is based around how these three women, who played such a huge part in Ty Warner’s life, never got a mention.

Are the events in the movie real?

As with all things in the film industry, not EVERYTHING is exactly how things played out. At the beginning of the movie, it even states “There are parts of the truth you can’t make up. The rest we did”. But from what I’ve learned there are some key events that did really happen.

The truck that overturned at the beginning of the movie sending thousands of Beanie Babies hurtling through the air actually happened. However, in reality it contained McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Babies not Beanie Babies.

Beanie Bubble Movie Truck Crash

(Photo: Apple TV)

McDonald’s really did run out of Teenie Beanie Babies, and one guy actually ordered 100 Happy Meals and told the cashier to “hold the food, just include the Beanies”.

People really were that crazy in the 90’s. I miss those days…

What about the women in the movie? Did they really exist?

Although their names have been changed for the Beanie Bubble movie, they are actually based on real people in Ty’s life.

Robbie Jones

Robbie is based on Ty’s real life former girlfriend, Patricia Roche. She did in fact help set up Ty Inc along with Ty Warner. However, the movie suggested she would never work for him again, but set up her own separate company that would become the exclusive wholesaler of Ty products in the UK. In reality, the didn’t set up a company and accepted Ty’s offer to directly run Ty UK. It was correct that was one of the highest paid executives in the UK though.

Sheila Harper

Sheila is really inspired by Faith McGowan, Ty’s long-term girlfriend. She has two daughters from a pervious relationship, and they all moved into Ty Warner’s house together. This really happened.

It is partially true about the Spooky hang tag name credit change. It is suggested in the movie that Sheila’s daughter came up with the Spooky design. She drew the design on a tablecloth and gave it to Ty and he credited her on the hang tag, saying it was designed by Ava Harper.

Spooky Beanie Baby Ava Harper

(Photo: Apple TV)

Apparently, Ty was having trouble with how the Beanie would fit with the Beanie Babies range. Faith’s daughter, Jenna Boldebuck, drew the design on a paper tablecloth (like in the movie). But instead of handing the drawing to him, Ty tore the sketch off and took it with him.

The original Beanie did indeed have Jenna’s name credited on it, but two months later disappeared.

Maya Kumar

Maya’s real-life inspiration is a woman named Lina Trivedi. In the movie, she came up with the idea of adding a poem and birthday to the hang tags and designed the Beanie Baby website. She even came up with the idea of retiring Beanie Babies.

In reality, she (along with her brother) did in fact design and it really did become the first business to consumer website in the world.

However, she did not come up with the idea of retiring Beanie Babies. That credit goes to the King brothers, who were distributors for Ty Inc.

My thoughts on the movie…

Although, there is quite a lot that is definitely more fiction that fact, I did really enjoy the movie. It brought a sense of nostalgia for the 90’s that I really liked.

There are parts I found a bit cheesy, but overall I thought it was a great insight into the Beanie Baby craze.

I also loved the Beanie Babies that were made specifically for the movie and the crazy, colourful cats that I wish existed.

Beanie Bubble Movie Pink Cat

(Photo: Apple TV)

When I first saw the trailer I wasn’t sure if there would be much about actual Beanie Babies, but some names did have a mention which I was pleased about.

Would I watch it again? Of course I would!

If you would like to read The Great Beanie Bubble book, you can find it on and Amazon UK

The Beanie Bubble is available at selected cinemas, on Apple TV and through Amazon Prime in the US.

Have you seen The Beanie Bubble movie? What did you think of it? Leave a comment below!


My Third Series of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies Arrived and They Are My Favourite So Far!

Friday, July 28th, 2023

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to tell you all that my third series of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies arrived to my parents’ house from The Magical Gift Boutique and they are quite possibly my favourite series yet!

The third series actually ended up a little different from my previous post (thwarted by Ty yet again! Haha!). I had heard that the Signature Bear II (now named Signature Bear 2023) was going to be in this set, but it looks like this will only be in the US release of the third series.

Instead, the UK version of series 3 includes the three Beanie Babies pictured below.

Series 3 of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies. Left to right: Patti II, Peace II and Zip II

From left to right we have Patti II, Peace II and Zip II. I think they are possibly my favourite set so far in all the series of 30th Anniversary Beanies!

Patti II

Patti II Beanie Baby

Patti II is probably my favourite from the new bunch. Her bright orange colouring is really striking against her blue bill and feet. She really feels like an upgrade from the Patti I remember and love from the 90s.

Like all of the new Beanie Babies, her poem remains the same, but her Birthday has changed from 6th January to 6th July.

Patti II Beanie Baby hang tag

Peace II

Peace II Beanie Baby

I love Peace II‘s bright yellow colouring. I’m kind of sad that she is not tie-dyed, because part of the fun of the original Peace bear was finding all different variations in colour. But I’m glad in some ways that they have made her different. However, they have given her a splash of colour with her rainbow-coloured mesh ribbon which is a nice touch. She still retains her multi-coloured “Peace” symbol too.

Her poem remains unchanged but her birth date is now on 1st September instead of 1st February.

Peace II hang tag

Zip II

Zip II Beanie Baby

Zip II is probably the most unchanged Beanie Baby out of all the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies released so far.

Everything about him is the same as the original Zip, even down to the green and black eyes and white paws. The only difference being made from a softer fabric. I actually loved the original Zip and he was one of my favourite old-style cats (along with Prance and Chip). Part of me kind of wishes Ty had made a few changes, but then I’m not sure if I would have liked him as much.

His birth date has changed from 28th March to 28th June, but he has the same poem as the original.

Zip II Beanie Baby hang tag

My thoughts…

As I stated above, this is my favourite series so far of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies. I ADORE Patti II’s orange and blue colouring and Peace II’s bright sunny yellow body.

I’m torn between wishing Zip II had some differences from the original and actually really loving the nostalgic vibe from him being a softer upgrade. I think I probably wouldn’t have been as happy if he was a different colour because I would be thinking “That’s not Zip!”.

I’m really glad they included an old-style cat this time though. As some of you may already know, I’m a bit of a cat lover so I had a big smile when I saw Zip II was going to be included in the UK series 3 set.

What are your thoughts on the third series of 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies? Who is your favourite? Leave a comment below!


Series 2 of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies!

Friday, July 7th, 2023

Hi everyone!

I’ve been away on holiday for a few days, so I’ve only just managed to get round to posting these up. At the moment, these little beauties are at my parents’ house as I am currently staying over in Bulgaria. However, my Dad (thanks again!) has sent me a few photos to look at before I get back to the UK.

Here they are…the second series of 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies!

30th Anniversary Beanie Babies. Left to right: Peanut II, Squealer II and Snort II

The second series of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies includes Peanut II, Squealer II and Snort II.

Is it just me being nostalgic, or are the new Beanie Babies getting better with every new series?

I loved it when the 90’s Beanie Babies came out in crazy colours (I’m thinking of such Beanies as Patti, Inch and Chocolate) and I’m hoping we see more of these (watch this space…).

Peanut II Beanie Baby Hang Tag

The outer hang tag remains unchanged from the first series from what I can see from Peanut II’s tag (pictured above).

Take a look inside the hang tags…

Like the first series, the inner hang tag includes the same poem as the original Peanut, but the birth date has changed from 25th January 1995 to 25th April.

Peanut II inside hang tag

The birth date inside Squealer II’s hang tag has changed from 23rd April 1993 on the original Squealer’s tag to 23rd September. The poem remains the same.

Squealer II inside hang tag

And finally, Snort II’s birth date is now on 15th August instead of the original 15th May 1995.

So far, I don’t have the Peace II bear (hopefully that will change soon…). At first, he was thought to be a USA exclusive and Snort II a UK exclusive. However, this appears not to be the case as I have heard they are staggering the releases, with Peace II as part of the UK third series and Snort II as part of series 3 in the USA.

Left to right: Peanut II, Squealer II and Snort II

I ordered the third series of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies from The Magical Gift Boutique in the UK, who once again have provided a fantastic service. Thank you!

My thoughts on series 3 of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies…

I’m loving this new series as they are so bright and colourful! I love the bright purple of Peanut II, the addition of the lilac ears and tail to Squealer II and the red and yellow combination on Snort II.

I’m hoping we see more colourful additions!

What do you think of series 3? Leave a comment below!

They arrived! First look at the brand new “Original” Beanie Babies!

Monday, June 19th, 2023

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to say that the first series of the new 30th Anniversary edition “Original” Beanie Babies have arrived!

To be completely honest, I don’t exactly have them in my hands just yet as I am currently in Bulgaria. I had them sent to my parents in the UK where they are now sitting awaiting my return. My lovely father (thank you Dad!) sent me pictures of them for me to post up here before I get to see them in the flesh.

And here they are!

From left to right: Valentino II, Bones II and Bongo II Beanie Babies

From left to right we have Valentino II, Bones II and Bongo II.

Aren’t they just adorable! I’m glad I managed to get hold of them before they all disappear as each retailer that stocks them has been limited to 24 of each design!

Below is a view of the back of each of them.

From left to right: Bongo II, Bones II and Valentino II

They look just like fluffier, more up-to-date versions of the Original Beanie Babies I loved back in the 90s.

I have also been reliably informed that they are indeed very soft and fluffy.

New updated hang tags with a nostalgic feel!

Bones II outer hang tag

The hang tag resembles an updated version of the 5th generation tag, with a slightly different font and the text “BEANIE” and “BABY” gently curves around the word “ORIGINAL”.

Bongo II inside hang tag

The inside of Bongo II’s hang tag keeps the original poem, but his Birthday has now changed to 4th January.

The same has happened with Valentino II who now has a birth date of 6th February.

Valentino II inside hang tag

Bones II is also the same, with a poem identical to the original, but his birth date has now changed to 18th March.

Bones II inside hang tag

I can’t wait to see them for myself, but I’m so grateful to be able to take a look at them before I get back to the UK!

What are your thoughts on the new Original Beanie Babies? Do you have them in your collection? Leave a comment below!


Karma Chameleon!

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Hi everyone!

Halloween is just around the corner and I found a Pumkin’ Beanie Baby on eBay who will become one of my decorations this year!

Yesterday, I also managed to get hold of a Flippable I’ve been wanting to buy for some time!

Meet Karma.

Karma is arguably one of the most colourful Flippables around! Her body is covered in reversible sequins that are all the colours of the rainbow. Check out how pretty they are!

When you flip her sequins the other way, they change to sparkly silver, as shown below. She also has a ridge of sparkly, rainbow coloured spikes running along her back.

Her Birthday is on 19th January and her poem reads as follows:

A true chameleon, my colors do change
Flip my sequins and watch as I rearrange!

Karma’s legs and tail don’t have sequins on them. Instead, they are made from a brightly coloured, rainbow material covered in a shiny scale pattern. What I love the most is Karma’s curled tail.

Karma was released in both a small and medium size.

Do you have Karma in your collection? Who is your favourite Ty Flippable? Leave a comment below!


Genevieve the Cat – Attic Treasures Review

Monday, October 11th, 2021

Hi everyone!

In my last post, I mentioned that I had purchased a new Beanie that I’d seen based on one of the requests that I’d added and that I’d do a full review once I’d received her. Well….she arrived!

Meet Genevieve!

genevieve ty attic treasures

Genevieve is a beautiful white cat from the Attic Treasures collection! I couldn’t resist getting her!

I’ve given her fur a comb (well, who doesn’t have a bad hair day after being sent in the mail?), but now she’s back to her former glory. Her fur is really fluffy, so much so that I had to try and comb it out of the way of her gorgeous blue eyes! She has the cutest, embroidered pale pink nose and long, white thread whiskers. For the final touch, she has a little pink rose just above her right ear.

genevieve ty attic treasures

She has a 7th generation Attic Treasures hang tag (not to be confused with a 3rd generation Beanie Babies hang tag as they look very similar on the outside – see the Beanie Baby tag identification guide) and has the following phrase inside:

“Feline Great!”

It’s short and simple but suits her well, as she does indeed look like she’s feeling great.

genevieve ty attic treasures hang tag

When I saw Genevieve, I knew I HAD to have her in my collection! As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a huge cat lover and love to collect the Ty cats. I also love her name, Genevieve. I think it sounds really pretty and goes well with her delicate features. Also…how cute are those toe beans?!

genevieve ty attic treasures

I’ve always loved the Attic Treasures collection. It’s one of my favourite product lines along with Beanie Babies and Beanie Boos. I love how they have a vintage look to them, and like their name suggests, have come straight out of the attic.

Do you have Genevieve in your collection or any other Attic Treasures? What do you think of Genevieve? Leave a comment below!


Massive Beanie haul!

Friday, May 7th, 2021

Hi guys!

I hope you’ve had a great week! I just wanted to share with you all my latest Beanie haul!

It started off with three Beanies from The Magical Gift Boutique, who are a fantastic shop for buying Beanies based in the UK. I saw that they had the suit-wearing Mr. Bean teddy Beanie Baby back in stock and, being a long-time lover of the TV series, Mr. Bean, I had to have him! I was lucky too as later that day, they had sold out again! I also ordered Gertie and Faye (the unicorn fox) along with him.

I have to say that Gertie is actually better in real life than I first thought. She was one of those mad Beanie Boos that I wasn’t too sure about, but now I actually love her craziness!

Last weekend, I also had some luck in Clinton’s as they had a 20% discount on Ty products. I took advantage of that and bought Kate, Fredrick, Lola and Marshall (Paw Patrol). Marshall I bought for my Paw Patrol-loving daughter’s collection.

I had better success in the charity shops this time too, managing to grab a Waddles Mini Boo, two Jingle Beanies (Holiday Teddy 2003 and Toboggan) and the beautiful Rafaella.

Rafaella is part of the Attic Treasures collection and she reminds me of the Shakespeare play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She could easily be one of the fairies from the play. I think she is one of my favourite finds this week.

I also bought Darla, who arrived in the mail earlier this week.

As you may know from a previous post, I have been trying to collect the dragon Beanie Boos. Now I can add Darla and Kate to that set. Yes, I know Kate is TECHNICALLY a Flippable, but I’ve included her anyway since Flippables are pretty much glammed-up Beanie Boos. This is my dragon collection so far:

Now I just need Cinder, Spectra and Merlin to complete the small dragon Beanie Boos.

I also bought an adorable little bear called Cody. He came from a wonderful charity called the Folly Wildlife Rescue who do fantastic work rescuing injured and orphaned animals and birds all year round.

Cody, like most Attic Treasures has jointed limbs that can be posed. So he can wave to you, like this!

He’s just so lovely and fuzzy that I couldn’t resist him. I love the original Attic Treasures as they have so much personality.

Finally…my latest Beanie Boo which I have been wanting for a while now….


I can’t believe I finally have this little guy!

Loy is a Japanese exclusive Beanie Boo, and features an additional Japanese hang tag with the most adorable picture on it!

His red Ty hang tag is written in English with the birth date of 10th November and his poem reads as follows:

No truer companion will you ever find
I’m loyal and loving to all of mankind.

I’m so happy I finally have Loy in my collection as he was the only one available in the UK at the time!

Do you have any Beanie mail/finds you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!


Slim pickings….

Monday, April 26th, 2021

Hi guys!

Another lovely day here at Beaniepedia HQ! Freckles took a walk in the park this morning and found a very interesting-looking plant that looked like a cabbage.

At the weekend, we went Beanie Hunting! We went to the charity shops in search of bargains, but sadly there were hardly any Beanies out there! The only Beanies I found were Doby, Silver, Liberty, and Benny from the Ty Monstaz range, but I already have them in my collection.

I also found Rainbow Dash from the My Little Pony set of Beanie Babies, but she wasn’t in the best condition, so I left her.

However, I did find this little cutie….

This little white tiger is called Tundra and she’s so sweet! I love the expression on her face as she almost looks a little confused about something!

This is the first version of Tundra, as there was another tiger called Tundra released in 2014 with glittery eyes that looks very similar to a Beanie Boo, but with smaller eyes.


She has a slightly coarse texture to her fur that has a slight shine to it in the light. Her body is covered in beautiful black stripes from head to toe, with the exception of her belly and muzzle.

Tundra’s Birthday is on 4th September 2005 and her poem reads:

So quiet you won’t hear a sound
As I stalk and prowl around
Watch out or I’ll give you a scare
When I jump out and say, “Hi there”!

All in all, this weekend was a partial success. Although I’ve had other days where I’ve managed to find loads of bargains, this weekend I only managed to find one. However, the bargain I did find, I’m really happy with, especially for £1.50! I bought her from a Cancer Research UK charity shop, so the money will also go to a good cause.

What do you think of Tundra? Have you found any bargains this weekend? Leave a comment below!