Swirly the Snail

Theme: Beanie Babies
Style Number: 04249
Colour: Pink
Swing Tag Generation: 5
Tush Tag Generation: 7, 8
Birthday: 10 March 1999
Release Date: 26/04/1999
Release Year: 1999
Retirement Date: 23/12/1999
Animal: Snail
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Swirly is a pink snail with blue and black button eyes and blue thread “feelers”. She has iridescent antennae on top of her head and a large pastel tie-dyed shell on her back with stitching detail.


Carefully traveling, leaving a trail
I’m not very fast, for I am a snail
Although I go my own plodding pace
Slow and steady, wins the race!

Collectors note

Swirly was released on 26th April 1999.

Her Birthday is on 10th March 1999.

She was retired on 23rd December 1999.

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9 reviews of Swirly the Snail

  1. bookworm963

    Fantastic, goes great with Gucci.

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  2. tacozbananaz


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  3. tacozbananaz

    I don’t actually have Swirly but I want him so bad!

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  4. tacozbananaz

    why do people like beanie boos way more than beanie babies?! try to tell me this isn’t cute!!

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  5. tacozbananaz

    what I meant to say is try to tell me any beanie boo is cuter than this!

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  6. pyronnie

    I have two of Swirly because they’re just so cute – I love real snails (used to have aquatic snails as pets, actually) and this is one of the best snail stuffed animals out there. I love the feel of the antenna and the little ‘whiskers.’ I highly recommend Swirly, don’t pass this one up if you’re lucky enough to find one <3

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  7. tacozbananaz

    I FINALLY HAVE SWIRLY!!!!! yey! 🙂 very soft! move him slowly up your arm it feels so soft!

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    OverallNot Rated
  8. beanie_babylover_53

    Swirly is super soft, shiny, and CUTE! He is super cute and was one of my first and one of the cutest beanies of mine. If Swirly ever crosses your path, I would recommend getting him, super cute!

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  9. Archie Ulrich

    this is my favoritest beanie baby ever its so silly and cute i love himmmm

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