Winksy the Rabbit

Theme: Beanie Babies
Style Number: 40195
Colour: Grey
Swing Tag Generation: 13
Tush Tag Generation: 13
Birthday: 04 June 2004
Release Date: 30/12/2004
Release Year: 2004
Retirement Date: 24/03/2005
Animal: Rabbit
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Winksy is a furry grey rabbit with brown and black button eyes and pale pink stitching for her nose and mouth on a white muzzle. She has a white belly and white paws with pink stitching separating her toes. She has pale pink inner ears and pink thread whiskers.


Hopping down the bunny trail
With my little cotton tail
Binksy and Minksy by my side
Let’s stop and play! You seek; I’ll hide!

Collectors note

Winksy was released on 30th December 2004.

Her Birthday is on 4th June 2004.

She was retired on 24th March 2005.

She was released alongside two other bunnies called Minksy and Binksy. All bunnies have the same birth date.