Moonlight the Owl

Theme: Beanie Boos
Style Number: 36325
Colour: Purple
Swing Tag Generation: 4
Tush Tag Generation: C1
Birthday: 05 June
Release Date: 01/06/2019
Release Year: 2019
Retirement Date: -
Animal: Bird, Owl
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Moonlight is a fluffy purple owl with fur that looks like feathers. She has large, glittery purple button eyes and a sparkly silver beak on a fluffy white face. She has two tiny purple wings and sparkly silver feet.


Because I’m so pretty I live high in a tree
So no one will ever Be able to catch me!

Collectors note

Moonlight was released in June 2019.

Her Birthday is on 5th June.

There are two versions of Moonlight. This small 6″ Beanie Boo and a medium 9″ Beanie Boo Buddy.

Moonlight is not to be confused with the black and orange cat Beanie Boo, also called Moonlight.

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4 reviews of Moonlight the Owl

  1. xsuperxheroxx


    it isn’t letting me see ALL of my beanies when I click “next page” it goes to the top of the first page please fix!

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  2. aditir230

    I got Moonlight in an OwlTy gift set, which gave me all the original sized owl beanies, Moonlight is my favorite!

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  3. groovybeanies

    SO SOFT!! She’s absolutely precious!

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  4. beanieboo78

    I have her! I use her when I play with my beanie boos sometimes. She is usually the kind of character that you feel terrified by. My Moonlight looks like she is angry all the time because her fur got stuck that way. And mine is kinda a psychopath who has an obsession with anything sharp.

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