Noodles the Golden Doodle Dog

Theme: Beanie Boos
Style Number: -
Colour: Brown, Orange
Swing Tag Generation: -
Tush Tag Generation: -
Birthday: 19 May
Release Date: -
Retirement Date: -
Animal: Dog
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Noodles is an orange-brown, Golden Doodle dog with wavy fur. She has glittery orange-gold button eyes and a black nose with black stitching for her mouth. She has floppy ears that are made from a smoother material.


Noodles is oodles of laughter and fun
He loves to play fetch while out in the sun!

Collectors note

Noodles hasn’t yet been released.

Her Birthday is on 19th May.

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3 reviews of Noodles the Golden Doodle Dog

  1. tabbie

    I love the design of this boo but I don’t like how TY is promoting golden doodle dogs. There’s no correct way to breed golden doodles as they are not a breed, meaning no breed standard, which means all golden doodle dogs are poorly bred. It would have been nice if this boo was a poodle instead.

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    OverallNot Rated
  2. tabbie

    Came back to see I’ve been downvoted, I’m just gonna assume you guys aren’t educated on dogs and will go to the furthest lengths to protect your little goldendoodle Coco. Poodles need a lot of time and energy and anything that’s been doodled will have those things, meaning any doodled dogs will be hellhounds of energy, if you are educated enough to know that you would know that goldendoodles are bad. TY should not be promoting goldendoodles to little kids who play with beanie boos, end of, especially after the creator of doodles has said that he opened Pandora’s Box and created Frankenstein. I believe there are many other animals they could have made into a beanie boo but they have decided to make a poorly bred dog instead.

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  3. cha78817

    I agree this isn’t the breed it looks like, I believe this should at least be a cocker spaniel mix poodle (spoodle) or maybe even a regular poodle and I hate being the ones pointing out stuff and then telling people what to do, Yet I think it’s really Important that we choose the right decisions for toys, but I think this isn’t as correct as it should have been.
    sincerely, a person of the beanie boo society 🙂

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