Ramsey the Unicorn Lion

Theme: Beanie Boos
Style Number: 36252
Colour: Brown
Swing Tag Generation: 4
Tush Tag Generation: C1
Birthday: 16 August
Release Date: 01/06/2018
Release Year: 2018
Retirement Date: -
Animal: Lion, Unicorn Lion
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Ramsey is a brown unicorn lion with a white muzzle and white belly. He has large, glittery gold button eyes and a tan coloured button nose. He has a dark brown bushy mane with hints of rainbow coloured fur mixed in. The same coloured furry material is on the tip of his tail. He has a glittery gold horn on top of his head.


I was a lion when I was born
Then I magically grew a horn
I know that this is not the norm
But now I am a unicorn!

Collectors note

Ramsey was released in June 2018.

His Birthday is on 16th August.

He is one of the first three Beanie Boos that have a unicorn horn but are not a unicorn. The other two are Heather the Unicorn Cat and Enchanted the Unicorn Owl.

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1 review of Ramsey the Unicorn Lion

  1. beanie.boos.are.cute

    Omg this is the cutest beanie boo ever! He if so funky and fun

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