Zoey the Zebra

Theme: Beanie Boos
Style Number: 36147
Colour: Pink
Swing Tag Generation: 4
Tush Tag Generation: C1
Birthday: 18 April
Release Date: 30/12/2014
Release Year: 2014
Retirement Date: -
Size: 6"
Animal: Zebra
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Zoey is made from a fuzzy pink material covered in black stripes. She has large sparkly pink and black button eyes and a white muzzle with black stitching for her nostrils and mouth. Her black ears are shiny pink inside them and she has black hooves and a white belly.


Hello…I am Zoey, Africa is my home
My zig zag stripes keep me safe as I roam!

Collectors note

Zoey was introduced on 30th December 2014.

Her birthday is on 18th April.

This is the small 6″ version of Zoey. She was also released as a medium 9″ Beanie Boo Buddy and as a key clip.

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4 reviews of Zoey the Zebra

  1. zoe

    Zoey looks so cool, and she even shares my name!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤

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  2. gimmeurbeans

    I got this off my bestie and it is one of the best little beanie I’ve got! Love her so much and still in great condition after many years of adventures!! 😁💖🥰

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  3. beanieboo78

    I found this beanie boo at a thrift shop not that long ago! She might need washed because she definitely looks used 🤣 I also have her in medium size

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  4. Sour Lemon

    Very cute! I love the shade of pink they used, it looks nice as a zebra color.

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