Top Ty Beanie Gifts for Spring/Easter 2024!

Monday, March 25th, 2024

Hi everyone!

It’s less than a week until Easter now, so I thought I’d share my favourite Ty Beanies that I personally think would make great Easter gifts!

Some of these have been released this year, but I’ve included some from previous years that I really love.

These are my own personal favourites, so let me know in the comments who you would add to this list!

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Meringue, Peaches and Cream

Meringue, Peaches and Cream Ty Beanie Bellies 2024

Meringue, Peaches and Cream are the Easter Bunny Beanie Bellies released for 2024!

Ty redesigned their ears this time from being floppy, lop-eared bunnies to the traditional upright rabbit ears. I think this actually gives them a slightly cuter, inquisitive look that I prefer.

They would look perfect in an Easter basket and make fun Easter gifts!

Meringue is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Peaches is available on and!

Cream is available on and!


Marsh and Willow

Marsh and Willow Ty Beanie Babies Easter Spring 2024

Marsh and Willow were released this year for Spring 2024!

They are based on the older bunny designs of the 90’s, so would make great Easter gifts for those (like myself) who were collecting back then.

Firstly, I love how colourful these two are, also how the blue and yellow of each bunny really compliments the other.

Marsh is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Willow is available on and!

Quacker Jax

Quacker Jax Ty Beanie Babies Easter Spring 2024Another throwback from the 90’s is Quacker Jax!

Based on the original Quackers, he would make a wonderful addition to an Easter Basket, perhaps guarding a clutch of eggs!

I love my little Quacker Jax, and additionally he has become my little “pocket duck” work buddy!

Quacker Jax is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Mary was released back in 2022 and is so adorable with her little bunny ears!

I particularly love how her green eyes, hooves and inner ears compliment her wooly, white fleece!

She is such a sweet little lamb that I just had to add her to this list!

Mary is available on!


Dusty Ty Beanie Boo Spring Easter 2024Dusty was part of this year’s Easter/Spring releases and is probably my favourite Easter Beanie this year!

She undoubtedly has the most adorable slippers ever and I love how colourful she is overall!

Dusty is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Peetie Chick Ty Beanie Boos Spring Easter 2024Peetie was released alongside Dusty and is just as cute!

I particularly like his adorable little eggshell pants and hat! He would make the perfect accompaniment to Dusty in an Easter Basket!

Peetie is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon

Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon Ty Beanie Balls Spring Easter 2024

These three adorable Beanie Balls just look like little balls of sorbet or ice cream. I’ve said it previously, but if you took Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon and added them to Meringue, Peaches and Cream above, you could make a pavlova!

Nevertheless, these little Easter bunnies would make perfect Easter Gifts!

Strawberry is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Kiwi is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Hops Bunny Ty Beanie Boo Spring Easter 2024Hops was last year’s Easter Bunny Beanie Boo. However, She is so colourful and bright that I had to include her!

I love everything about her. Her glittery, blue button eyes, multi-coloured body in blue, yellow, pink and lilac and her little blue nose!

Hops is available on and!


Corwin Chick Ty Beanie Boos Spring Easter 2024Corwin was the complimentary Easter Chick to last year’s Easter Bunny, Hops (above).

He has a brightly, decorated egg shell, that I think would look so eye-catching in an Easter basket!

He was so popular last year, and I completely understand why! His bright yellow body with his colourful eggshell, his blue eyes, along with his sparkly orange beak and feet are very attractive indeed!

Corwin is available on and!


Hippie Rabbit Ty Beanie Babies Spring Easter 1999I couldn’t bear not to add a Beanie Baby from the 90’s to this list!

Hippie was my favourite Bunny from the 90’s as I loved his pastel, tie-dyed colours and how each one was unique!

There were various similar bunnies, namely Hippity and Hoppity, but I always loved how colourful Hippie was.

Hippie is available on!

And finally…


Lollipop Ty Beanie Boos Spring Easter 2017Lollipop was released waaaay back in 2017!

I still think she is a gorgeous Beanie Boo now in 2024 and I think that she would look so sweet in an Easter basket or as a gift to a loved one!

She would also make a great gift for those who, for sensory reasons, don’t enjoy glittery Beanie Boos.

Lollipop is available on and!

Your thoughts…

What are your thoughts on this list of Ty Beanies for Easter gifts? Can you think of anyone you would add to this list and why you would add them? Leave a comment below and let us know who you think should be on here!


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