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Easter Ty Beanies for Spring 2024!

Thursday, March 14th, 2024

Hi everyone!

Who else is looking forward to Easter?!

There have been some exciting new releases for Easter that have been hitting the shelves and will make the perfect addition to an Easter basket or a gift for someone special!

Take a look below at all the adorable Spring Beanie releases available on offer!

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Meringue, Peaches and Cream Beanie Bellies

Meringue, Peaches and Cream Easter Bunny Ty Beanie Bellies 2024

Aren’t these bunnies just the cutest?!

Meringue, Peaches and Cream are the latest Easter Bunny Beanie Bellies available for Spring 2024.

Ty have been releasing sets of three Easter Bunny Beanie Bellies for the past couple of years. This year however, they have had a slight change of design. Previous Easter Bunnies had floppy ears, but this year, Ty have decided to go for upright bunny ears.

I actually love this design change and think it suits the bunnies, perhaps even more than the previous lop-eared look (even though they were also very cute).

I love their names too (although they make me a little hungry!).

Meringue is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Cream is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

There is also a Easter Bunny Beanie bundle special offer currently at The Magical Gift Boutique! The bundle consists of Meringue, Cream and the next Beanie Boo on this list, Dusty the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny Beanie Bundle is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Dusty Beanie Boo

Dusty Easter Bunny Ty Beanie Boo 2024

Dusty is one of the two Easter Beanie Boo additions this year.

This little cutie is probably one of my favourites this year. I am in LOVE with her little chick slippers, her tie-dyed ears and tuft of yellow fur, not to mention her cute, little pink nose!

She makes a bright and colourful addition to the Beanie Boos collection this Easter!

Dusty is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Peetie Beanie Boo

Peetie Easter Chick Ty Beanie Boo 2024

Each year, Ty usually release an Easter Bunny and an Easter Chick Beanie Boo.

Peetie is this year’s Easter chick Beanie Boo.

He is so cute and I’m loving his eggshell “hat” and “pants”! His bright yellow and orange colour combination also reminds me of Spring-time daffodils.

Peetie is available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon Beanie Balls

Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon Easter Bunny Ty Beanie Balls 2024

There are three, scrumptious Easter Bunny Beanie Balls available this year too!

If you had Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon in a bowl, they would look just like a sorbet or an ice cream! They look and sound truly delicious!

At the moment, these three little cuties are on offer as part of a Easter Bunny Beanie Balls bundle at The Magical Gift Boutique! Catch them before they “hop” away!

Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon Easter Beanie Bundle available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Floppity and Pippa Squishy Beanies

Floppity and Pippa Ty Squishy Beanies 2024


There are also two new Squishy Beanies (previously Squish a Boos) to add to the Easter list.

I absolutely love the pastel colours on Floppity and Pippa! They would make fun Easter decorations this Spring.

They are both available in a medium 10″ and a large 14″ size.

The large versions of Floppity and Pippa are currently available on special offer as part of an Easter Squishy Beanies bundle at The Magical Gift Boutique!

Floppity and Pippa Easter Squishy Bundle available to order from The Magical Gift Boutique!

My thoughts…

I am loving the Easter range this year!

I think they design change for the Easter Bunnies is perfect and Meringue, Cream and Peaches make the perfect additions to the Beanie Bellies range.

Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon are also adorable! I love everything about them. Their colours are amazing and they are so cute that you just want to carry them around in your pocket!

I also love the food-related names (even though they do make me a little hungry!). If you take Meringue, Cream, Peaches, Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon, you could make a delicious pavlova!

What are your thoughts on the new Spring/Easter Beanie range? Who is your favourite? Could you also eat pavlova right now? Leave a comment below!