New Claire’s Exclusive Beanie Boos!

Monday, September 28th, 2020

Hi everyone!

As it says in the title, there has been a sneak peek of three new Claire’s exclusive Beanie Boos!

The sign appears to be from Claire’s in France, but they may be European exclusives. I’m not sure just yet.

It looks like there is going to be a new koala with a similar design to Katy with a chevron pattern similar to Piper. I’m not too sure about this one, as we have literally just had Katy, and they just look too alike.

There will also be another Kangaroo, which looks a little bit like Kipper, but pink in colour with sparkly silver ears, hands and feet. It also appears that she will have a Joey in her pouch, just like Kipper. I know people have been wanting another Kangaroo, but to me it just looks too similar to Kipper except for the colour.

Last, but not least, there is going to be another dragon, similar to Cinder. This time, it will be a kind of icy-blue colour with hues of pale pink (kind of appropriate with Winter in the not-so-distant future). This dragon is possibly going to be my favourite of the three.

Their names are going to be Holly, Kora and Rory, but it’s not completely clear who is who. I suspect it will be left to right on the picture with the Kangaroo being Holly, Kora for the Koala and Rory the Dragon…but I could be totally wrong!

I first found out about these Claire’s exclusives from a video by YouTuber, Billyboo Adventures (go and check him out!) and in an email from one of our members (thank you!).

So far, that’s all I know about these three Beanie Boos. There has been no release date thus far and nothing much more is known about them just yet, but I’ll post an update if I find out anything further.

Have a great Monday and leave a comment below what you think about Holly, Kora and Rory!


4 Responses to “New Claire’s Exclusive Beanie Boos!”

  1. zoemickey says:


  2. beanieboolife_yt says:

    Thank you for looking into my suggestion! I can’t wait for them, I have been trying to et every dragon and I only need 3 and now 4! I’m so excited, my favorite is the kangaroo! have a nice day!

  3. olivia66 says:

    sweet!! I love shopping at caries. Will look for them. Have a nice day beanie boo fans

  4. Journey10 says:

    well to be honest i do not think the kangaroo(Rory) looks like Kipper because all they could do is change the color and if they changed the body shape it would not look good.For example compare Bloomy the rabbit Beanie Boo to one of the other rabbits. Bloomy has a bigger head,smaller ears,and her paws are flat. People did not like the new rabbit body so they changed back the old one and i’m afraid that if that happened to Rory the Kangaroo more people would not like her/him. Now I can agree on how you you said that the koala(Kora) looks like Katy but if they changed up the colors i do not thing it would look right because with the chevron design but I like that they are adding more koala beanie boos cause the koalas and kangaroos are underated. also Holly is the dragon and my favorite is the Rory

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