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Take a look at the Valentine’s Beanies for 2024!

Thursday, January 11th, 2024

Hi everyone!

Very soon, we will be getting the new Valentine’s Beanies for 2024!

I’m very excited about these new releases as we will be seeing a brand new animal design never made by Ty before!

There will be some brand new Beanie Boos, Beanie Bellies and Squishy Beanies and from what I’ve seen, they all look so cute!

I’ll start with the Squishy Beanies…


Flirt the Cat Ty Squishy Beanie

Flirt is an adorable squishy cat with a bright heart over her left eye. I really love her design and the stripes on top of her head, as well as her cute little whiskers.

Flirt will be available in a medium 10″ and large 14″ size.

Medium Flirt is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Large Flirt is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Beau the Dog Ty Squishy Beanie

Beau is based on a previous Beanie Boo, also called Beau.

She is covered in cute little hearts and has a heart over her right eye.

Beau will be available in a medium 10″ and large 14″ size.

Medium Beau is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Large Beau is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!

Three new Beanie Boos will also be released this month…


Gigi the Monkey Ty Beanie Boo

Gigi is an adorable little pink monkey with gorgeous pink eyes! She carries a bright red, shiny heart just for you!

I love her adorable little smiley face that is certain to cheer you up!

Gigi is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Rory the Dog Ty Beanie Boo

Just look at little Rory! How could anyone resist her cute little face?!

I adore the colour combination of pink and white and her bright pink spots. She also has the sweetest little white eyebrows over her glittery pink eyes.

Rory is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Bubbles the Octopus Ty Beanie Boo

Check out adorable Bubbles!

This little octopus has a pale pink body and tentacles and she is covered in bright pink hearts. Her purple eyes are just gorgeous!

Bubbles is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!

And now for the Beanie Bellies!


Valerie the Bear Ty Beanie Bellies

Little Valerie is so sweet that she is covered in bright red kisses!

Her nose is heart-shaped and she has red paw pads with “XO” on them, meaning “hugs and kisses”.

Valerie is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!


Sprinkles the Cow/Bull Ty Beanie Bellies

I LOVE Sprinkles!

I think he might be a bull, just because the previous Beanie Bellies cow, Herdly, had udders!

He has the cutest little tuft of pink fur on top of his head and carries a bright red heart.

Sprinkles is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!

And finally…


Locky the Axolotl Ty Beanie Bellies

Locky is quite possibly my favourite Beanie Bellies design so far this year!

I’m so glad that Ty have finally released an axolotl, as I think a lot of people have been asking for one, myself included!

I ADORE her pink-fringed, shiny frills and tiny hands and feet!

Locky is available from The Magical Gift Boutique!

My thoughts…

I think my favourite Beanie of the 2024 Valentine’s Day releases has to be, hands down, Locky! I love that there is a brand new animal design and she looks downright adorable!

A close second would have to be Sprinkles. He would make the perfect partner for Herdly!

To be honest, I love all of the Valentine’s Beanies this year!

Who is your favourite Valentine’s Day Beanie? What are your thoughts on the new releases? Leave a comment below!


Claire’s Exclusives – UK Update!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

Hi everyone!

Previously, I reviewed the Holly Beanie Boo that I had bought from Claire’s. She was released alongside two other Claire’s exclusives called Rory the kangaroo and Kora the koala in the USA but for some reason, only Holly was available in the UK (BOOOO!).

Well, I checked the Claire’s website this morning and it appears that all three are now available in the UK! About time!

Not only that, but the new mythical Teenie Beanie Boos were released in McDonald’s in the UK on 2nd December, so it’s the second bit of good Beanie news this month!

Hope you’re all well, and stay tuned for my new Vlogmas video out later on today!

Stay safe!


Unboxing Holly, the Claire’s exclusive Beanie Boo!

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

Hi guys!

I’m really excited because today my Holly Beanie Boo arrived!

Holly is one of the three, brand new Claire’s exclusive Beanie Boos, the other two being Rory the kangaroo and Kora the koala.

So far, only Holly is available in the UK, but all three are available on the USA Claire’s website, where you can find Holly, Kora and Rory.

My first thoughts on Holly are that she looks nothing like the stock image on the Claire’s website and more like the original promotional image where she appeared to be more of an ice-blue colour.

Take a look at my unboxing video below!

View on YouTube


Claire’s exclusive Beanie Boos update

Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Hi everyone!

I previously mentioned about three new Claire’s exclusive Beanie Boos that had been announced in France at the end of September. They included a chevron-patterned Koala, a bright pink Kangaroo and a shiny blue-silver dragon.

If you hadn’t already heard, their names have been confirmed as Holly the dragon, Kora the koala and Rory the kangaroo. I have included their pages in the database, but I apologise for the poor quality of the images as these were the only ones I could find!

So far, I’m not sure when they will be released as this is the only information I can find on them, so if you have spotted these three in-store, please get in touch!

Anyway, hope you all have a great Monday and stay safe!


New Claire’s Exclusive Beanie Boos!

Monday, September 28th, 2020

Hi everyone!

As it says in the title, there has been a sneak peek of three new Claire’s exclusive Beanie Boos!

The sign appears to be from Claire’s in France, but they may be European exclusives. I’m not sure just yet.

It looks like there is going to be a new koala with a similar design to Katy with a chevron pattern similar to Piper. I’m not too sure about this one, as we have literally just had Katy, and they just look too alike.

There will also be another Kangaroo, which looks a little bit like Kipper, but pink in colour with sparkly silver ears, hands and feet. It also appears that she will have a Joey in her pouch, just like Kipper. I know people have been wanting another Kangaroo, but to me it just looks too similar to Kipper except for the colour.

Last, but not least, there is going to be another dragon, similar to Cinder. This time, it will be a kind of icy-blue colour with hues of pale pink (kind of appropriate with Winter in the not-so-distant future). This dragon is possibly going to be my favourite of the three.

Their names are going to be Holly, Kora and Rory, but it’s not completely clear who is who. I suspect it will be left to right on the picture with the Kangaroo being Holly, Kora for the Koala and Rory the Dragon…but I could be totally wrong!

I first found out about these Claire’s exclusives from a video by YouTuber, Billyboo Adventures (go and check him out!) and in an email from one of our members (thank you!).

So far, that’s all I know about these three Beanie Boos. There has been no release date thus far and nothing much more is known about them just yet, but I’ll post an update if I find out anything further.

Have a great Monday and leave a comment below what you think about Holly, Kora and Rory!