Series 3 of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies Announced!

Wednesday, July 12th, 2023

Hi everyone!

Great news! The third series of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies have been announced!

Again, we see a set of three previously released Beanie Babies made with much softer fur and a few colour changes.

And here they are!

Series 3 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies. Photo:


From the rumours I’ve heard, Snort II will be available to the US market, whereas the UK will get Peace II instead.

The two new Beanie Babies to join the gang will be Signature Bear II and Patti II.

Signature Bear II

Signature Bear II Beanie Baby

So far I’ve not managed to gain any information on a birth date or poem for the Signature Bear II.

From the picture, he appears to be a vivid bright green with a red ribbon and the red heart with Ty Warner’s signature seen on previous Signature bears.

Patti II

Patti II Beanie Baby

I’m really excited about this new version of Patti!

She was one of my favourite Beanie Babies, so seeing this amazing change in colour is great news! I love the bright tangerine orange of her body against her azure blue beak and feet.

I’ve made a calculated guess that her poem will be the same as the original, based on others in the 30th Anniversary range, but currently I’m not sure what her birth date will be.

My thoughts…

My favourite Beanie Baby in this latest series is definitely Patti!

I’m a little disappointed that there are only two new designs, but I’ll be happy if Peace II comes to the UK!

What are your thought on series 3 of the 30th Anniversary Beanies? Who is your favourite? Leave a comment below!


9 Responses to “Series 3 of the 30th Anniversary Beanie Babies Announced!”

  1. Mandy says:

    I’m waiting on Signature II to arrive as I type this! I am ALL about the bears! Haha!
    I also just saw this morning that a fourth series is coming shortly! I think I’ve figured out the two animals, but the bear is a mystery. I can’t wait!

  2. Vitoria Nazario Freitas says:

    I’m really excited myself, and seeing Beanie Babies from 30 years ago now is nostalgic. I really hope I could get one once they get released! (Or if it already got released, idk) They really look cute and now we have 3 different Patti’s, cool!

  3. Im hearing Zip II is next

  4. Rachel (admin) says:

    That’s right! So far I’ve heard Zip II is going to be released in the UK, but I’m not sure about US yet. It is estimated to arrive to the UK in early August!

  5. I love platypus and I am so excited for the new Patti. But I have seen all of the others in store but not her. When will I be able to see Patti II in store?

  6. Vicky U says:

    I don’t know if it’s an error but it’s a shame Zip II seems to be the same as the original. I was hoping he would be a golden yellow.

  7. Sherri Battertton says:

    Signature bear is my favorite out of these 3.
    Yes I’m excited to be able to get one if Ll possible. When are they coming to the USA.

  8. Jordan says:

    Hello from the US. Would someone like to be beanie pals and exchange UK beanies for US beanies?

  9. Andrea says:

    So I just got my set of the first 3. And I love them of course! I have been obsessed with these guys ever since I saw my first beanie at about 12 yrs old, on TV, on QVC home shopping network. Lol. It was the Black Panther. And they were selling him for $79.99. All I could think was I HAVE to get this! So I knew flea markets are second hand stuff.. I begged relentlessly for days, but did get my way and got a bunch (my Panther included) and I was hooked! And I didn’t u derstand why some were more expensive, so I started reading and learning… still am. So on to my question, all 3, but bones 2 especially; don’t they seem wider? And the shape is less defined? Or did I get a replica? Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated! [email protected]
    Thanks so much!
    -Andrea S

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