Upcoming Beanie Boo?

Friday, May 29th, 2020

Have you spotted this little fox?

This adorable fox is called Faye. Although I saw Faye a while back on the Ty Calendar, I couldn’t find out any details on her before, other than a fuzzy, small image.

Ty have now updated her image on the Calendar and now include her poem, which reads as follows:

Being a sly fox is my claim to fame
Make a silly face, and I’ll do the same!

Faye will probably make an appearance later this year (obviously, the current situation could delay things, so I’m not sure exactly when that could be).

I am pretty sure, based on her look, that she will be released to the Beanie Boo collection, however, this is still unclear at the moment.

Faye is not to be confused with another fox released in the Beanie Babies range this year, called Fay (without the “e”).

Keep a look out for Faye later this year!


5 Responses to “Upcoming Beanie Boo?”

  1. pupito says:

    she so cute😍💗🦊

  2. Juan pablo says:

    This beanie boo is available at barnes and noble online and the picture is incorrect I got one with white soft ears and it also has a unicorn horn

  3. marie says:

    Faye is available at barnes and noble! Can’t wait to buy 🙂

  4. Starlight says:

    Very cute but…when was this uploaded because my current date is Tuesday February 23 2021 so I’m not sure if it was uploaded a year or 2 ago. I love the idea of her though she reminds me of the fox with a horn I forgot that ones name it looks exactly like this one so I’m kinda mad about that (either way she is my fav fox now if she gets created

  5. Cutie fox says:

    Well it’s cute and all but the horn, a long time ago people made regular beanie boos then they made unicorns then they thought hmmm the ase beanie boos are plain “let’s add some horns” so then they add horns on foxes and on pugs. It’s like I am losing interest on beanie boos:c

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