What new Beanie Boo animals would YOU like to see?

Friday, November 19th, 2021

Hi everyone!

It’s a sunny Friday afternoon here at Beaniepedia HQ today. A few of the new Beanie Babies and Beanie Boos have now been released, although we’re still waiting on the newly designed, “sitting” Beanie Babies.

I’m currently waiting on a few of the newer Beanies to arrive as there have been problems with shipments to the UK, so hopefully I’ll get my hands on them soon and I’ll review them when I get them.

Since it’s a little quiet with regards to any new Beanie news, I thought I’d ask you all what type of animal that hasn’t currently been released would YOU like to see as a Beanie Boo? This is just for fun and I have no influence over what Beanie Boos Ty will make next, but it’s always fun to dream.

I’ll start with my top 5 Beanie Boo animals that I would love to see in reality.

1. Dinosaur

I would love, love, LOVE to see a dinosaur Beanie Boo. Either a T-Rex, a Stegosaurus or a Triceratops, although I’m open to any dinosaur. I know, there are already Flippables Dinosaurs, like Tremor, but I would love a non-sequin dino!

2. Mallard Duck

We have had plenty of Easter chicks that could POTENTIALLY be a duck, but I would really like to see a mallard duck, a bit like the Jake Beanie Baby from 1998 but in Beanie Boo form.

3. Mole

One animal that Ty haven’t really explored is a mole. There is currently only ONE Ty mole called Digby who was part of the Wild Wild Best collection.

4. Pangolin

These weirdly cute little creatures are almost never made into plush toys. They remind me a little of Sandshrew from Pokemon and I would love to see one made into a Beanie Boo. The closest that Ty have ever released in Tank the armadillo, who is very cute, but is not a pangolin.

And finally…

5. Buffalo

As you may already know, one of my favourite Beanie Babies is Roam the Buffalo, who has been on many travels with me around Europe and continues to be my mascot. I would absolutely love a buffalo Beanie Boo friend for him.

What type of animal would you like to see as a Beanie Boo? Leave a comment below!


14 Responses to “What new Beanie Boo animals would YOU like to see?”

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. dkiser1988 says:

    Pygmy Opossum

  3. laceybug says:

    Pangolins, butterflies, phoenix, okapi, regular deer, tufted deer, and much more.

  4. Derrick M Kiser says:

    Pygmy opossum

  5. P-anon says:

    deer, flying squirrels, sugar gliders, axolotl, parrot birds (cockatoos, parrots) and maybe a cute squid would be what i would hope for

  6. Bill says:

    There’s tons of things my wife and I have been interested in seeing. Dinos for sure, but also butterflies, hyenas, gazelle, and hawks/eagles.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What about a piranha?

  8. Beaniedragoncollector says:

    I think a axotol and eagle would be adorable and maybe more tigers and a eagle

  9. Frobooale says:

    I would like to see MORE foxes, axolotls, Phoenixs, African wild dogs, Peacocks, a winged fox, Goat horned Fox, winged and goat horned fox, Griffins, different breeds of cats, a sliver fox, sugar gliders, Another Arctic Fox, okapi, tufted deer, female Version of frost, and a male version of Phoenix.

  10. Frobooale says:

    Yes I agree.

  11. Frobooale says:

    I also think you should look up ty beanie boo ideas or custom beanie boos and make some of those.

  12. Scarby08@gmail.com says:

    I think ty should make an axolotl.

  13. chesslama88 says:

    An axolotl would be really cute, but personally I’m much more into beanie babies from the 1990s-2000s than the new ones. If only axolotls were as well-known then as they are today…
    It’s a real shame too, it would’ve been such a cute beanie baby.

  14. T says:

    pyrenean ibex and kinkajou

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