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Quick Tuesday tip for your Beanie Boos!

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

Hi everyone!

Today I was sorting through my Beanie Boos and I noticed that Asha and Orson, being Beanies with extra fluffy hair, were looking a little bit scruffy. Their hair was covering their eyes and just wasn’t looking in great condition. Here is a previous picture from when I first bought them.

I grabbed my daughter’s baby comb, which is quite fine-toothed and gave them a bit of a pamper. Here’s little Orson having his hair combed.

I must say, I think they look extra fluffy afterwards! Now their colours really show up and they just look fabulous!

Anyway, I thought I’d share this little tip with you all, just in case anybody finds it useful.

Also, I have a Beanie order turning up today that I’m really excited about. It was estimated to turn up tomorrow, but I got a notification to say it was coming today instead. I love it when that happens! Anyway, I’ll do an unboxing of that later, so stay tuned!

I’ve got a few more requests to get through today, so look out to see if the Beanies you requested show up today. Don’t worry if they aren’t there yet, I am getting through your emails and they will show up shortly!

Have a great Tuesday folks and stay safe!


It’s Monday!

Monday, November 9th, 2020

Hi everyone!

As the title says, it’s Monday again at Beaniepedia HQ and it’s a bit of a damp day again (what’s new?!).

Last week was my daughter’s 1st Birthday and she loved her new Beanie Boo, Chase! She loves Paw Patrol and it’s her favourite character, so I just HAD to get him for her!

The only problem is he is so cute that now I want the set too!

I have also finally got hold of all the Christmas Beanie Boos and Puffies, which I’m very excited about!

Here they are pictured below:

From left to right, on the back row we have Cheer the penguin, Chimney the mouse, Snowfall the unicorn and Howlidays the dog. Just sat in front of them are Brie the mouse and Fudge the reindeer.

I love them all but I think if I had to pick, my two favourites would have to be the two mice, Chimney and Brie.

Last weekend, I also came across some bargains that might be of use to those in the UK, although it may be worth waiting until after lockdown now as they only have a limited selection online and there were more choices in-store. I found two medium-sized Flippables in TK Maxx for quite a reasonable price! Tegan the reindeer was £9.99 (I think she cost more because of Christmas coming up) and Charmed was reduced to £8.00. There were also other Flippables available and medium Beanie Boos too.

I also found both Asha and Orson Beanie Boos and Arctic and Freckles from the Beanie Babies range in Poundland for £2 each!

The only shame was that in my local Poundland they have stopped selling Mini Boos! The was a bit of a disappointment as they were only £1 each and I was looking forward to collecting them! Oh well, you win some, you lose some!

Today, I’ve been spending some time on Beanie requests that aren’t yet on the website. I apologise that I haven’t had chance to reply to your emails yet, but I will try to shortly later today. But in any case, the emails I have got through, just to let you know the Beanies you couldn’t find have now been added to the database. Hopefully I’ll get a bit more time later on today to add a few more in as well.

Have a great Monday folks and Happy Collecting!