McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Boos coming to the UK!

Saturday, November 28th, 2020

Hi everyone!

Previously, I posted an article about the Teenie Beanie Boos that arrived to Germany from August to September.

Well, I’ve just found out on the McDonald’s website that the Teenie Beanie Boos are arriving to the UK!

They are going to be included in every McDonald’s Happy Meal from 2nd December, so keep a look out for them! I’m not sure whether they will be available for individual purpose yet, especially with the current situation, but at least they’re going to be finally available soon!

Interestingly, it looks like are going to be two new faces appearing. As seen below, there seems to be a winged pegasus and a griffin, which is kind of cool.

I am really looking forward to these guys finally coming to the UK, so from 2nd December, keep your eyes open for them!

Stay safe and have a great Saturday!


12 Responses to “McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Boos coming to the UK!”

  1. zoemickey says:

    That’s cool!

  2. beanie boo collector says:

    why did you not add sneaky the jaguar

  3. tacozbananaz says:

    cool!!! (even though I probably get McDonalds about twice a year)

  4. tacozbananaz says:

    I made a beanie baby robot suit out of LEGOs

  5. vivi says:

    i live in the usa

  6. beanie boo collector says:

    Also add Shelby, pink and green both with keychain version

  7. beanie boo collector says:

    Add shelby

  8. beanie boo collector says:

    Shelby! Add Shelby! And the keychain

  9. beanie boo collector says:

    Please add Shellby (GREEN) and Shellby pink/green keychain

  10. tacozbananaz says:

    me too

  11. tacozbananaz says:

    I saw the pic if zip the cat sitting on the computer and I have the same kind of computer

  12. Rachel (admin) says:

    @beanie boo collector

    I have now added Sneaky to the database. I just hadn’t got round to adding her yet as there are literally thousands of Beanies to get through! 🙂

    I’m also not quite sure what you mean about Shellby. The pink Shellby key clip is on the site already:

    As far as I know, there isn’t a green Shellby keychain. Do you mean either Zippy, Sandy or Pokey?

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